What do you mean: claiming the promises of God?

When a person is called to the faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world and becomes aware that – by that faith of the Spirit of God [Eph. 2:8] – he or she is becoming a partaker of a new world, the Spirit realm [Hebr. 3:1] a new consciousness is breaking through, Christ consciousness.

That consciousness belongs to the Divine Nature, as well as Divine Love or Charity, Divine Truth and Reality.

Before the breakthrough of the faith in Christ can take place there must have been an inner struggle in the person that caused him or her to be willing to open up for the unseen Reality, a struggle because the carnal nature in which we all were born is hostile against (the Reality of) Christ or the Spirit. The will in the person to give room to the Spirit inside from birth must have won the inner battle.

True faith in Christ – the Lord Jesus Christ – can only come from the Spirit of Christ, since faith, like charity and hope are eternal attributes of the Spirit of God [1 Cor. 13:13], of the Life of God.

Those who know Jesus Christ within them will live in accordance, will live Christ life, that’s their whole life and desire, to be One with Him and live that.

There are preachers who preach Jesus as the winner of the world. They love His Power. They preach that Power as the conquering force against all the obstacles on their way to achieve what they want. In general prosperity is what they want and preach, aiming to be someone in the world, to look prosperous according to worldly standards and therefore to be attractive for people to believe in their gospel. They claim all God’s promises – mostly those from the Old Testament as understood with the natural mind – to meet all their desires. They preach and seek miracles as signs of the truth of their gospel. They want large and wealthy churches. And they get them. The application of the law of tithing is claimed as a main cause to get the promises fulfilled.

But, dear believer, is that the gospel that Jesus and His Apostles preached and gave their life for? Read the Sermon on the Mount. Did Jesus preach earthly wealth?
Read Matthew 6:19-21; 12:35; 13:44; 19:21 Luke 6:45; 12:21, 33; 18:22, Col. 2:1-4; 3:1-6, Hebr. 11:26 and James 5:3. Where is your heart? What is in your heart?

Jesus came to announce an Eternal Kingdom, a Heavenly Kingdom with heavenly mansions, with treasures that do not perish. The Lord is ONE and Eternal. He is from above not from below, John 8:23. Those who really love Him love His treasures and know that these treasures are gathered not by claiming but by living His Way of Love on Earth, like He did, 1 John 2:6.

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