Christ in you

CHRIST IN YOU y Anonymous

“Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons
of men.” Prov. viii. 4.
” Blessed are your eyes, for they see ; and your ears,
for they hear. For verily I say unto you, that many
prophets and righteous men have desired to see the
things which ye see, and have not seen them ; and to
hear the things which ye hear, and have not heard
them.” Matt. xiii 16-17.
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3 Christ the Life……………………………………………..10
4 Prayer…………………………………………………………14
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7 Get Understanding ………………………………………25
8 From Glory to Glory…………………………………… 29
9 Personality …………………………………………………33
10 The Book …………………………………………………36
11 Sin, Separateness ………………………………………41
12 “He that hath seen Me, hath seen the Father”. 46
13 Christ in You ……………………………………………50
14 Out of Darkness — Light ………………………….53
15 Jesus Christ — The Race Man…………………… 56
16 Truth is Steadfast — Immovable ………………..59
17 Imagination…………………………………………….. 63
18 Idea — The Expressed Image……………………. 68
19 Heaven is within You……………………………….. 71
20 Growth Real and Unreal ……………………………77
21 Matter and its Relation to Spirit …………………80
22 “My Thoughts are towards You”…………………. 85
23 The Central Life is Love…………………………….. 90
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25 Omnipresence (continued) …………………………..97
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27 The Death of Mortal Man— Renunciation … 106
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2 Born of the Virgin……………………………………… 116
3 Mind and its Possibilities……………………………. 120
4 Personality………………………………………………… 125
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6 The True Selfishness ……………………………………134
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8 Unfoldment from Within ……………………………..141
9 The Soul …………………………………………………….145
1 I in Them …………………………………………………..151
2 “Thou in Me”……………………………………………..154
3 “Seek and Ye shall Find” ……………………………..158
4 “The Knowledge of God shall cover the Earth” 162
5 The Will of God ………………………………………….167
6 Workers together with God …………………………..170
7 The Creative Energy ……………………………………173
8 God the only Life ………………………………………..176
9 He gave Himself………………………………………… 182
I AM obliged to use your words and modes
of expression, but I must say at the beginning
that they1 are wholly inadequate to
convey spiritual truths. I long to help people
who seem to be in the same mistaken conditions
in which I once was, for man does not know
We will consider together something of the
truth of being, the most essential and the first
of all things. You are not the outward and
visible form; this is the feeblest and the most
distant likeness of your real self. I will explain
by illustration.
When an artist paints a picture, he does not
1 1 Cor. ii. 9, 10, 14.
put on canvas the reality, he gives you simply a
copy of that which is within himself. The real
picture is on the spiritual plane and exists there
much more truly than on the canvas; the real
picture remains for ever, the canvas does not.
No poet can give you his true poem. He does
his best to convey something of its beauty, something
of its life, but even then it is far removed
from his ideal. That, too, is on the plane of
There is a vast amount of creative energy
working in and through the material plane.
Like the picture and the poem, this energy is
invisible to you. We want you to distinguish between
reality and shadow. The physical plane,
or plane of the senses, is a shadow, a faint imitation
of the spiritual and the only real. Your
work is to show forth higher laws, to live and
breathe entirely from the plane of spirit, to create
anew from the very centre of all life, to make
one the kingdom of earth and the kingdom of
heaven. You are not to think of yourself and
the universe now visible to you as real. It is
this that constitutes the difference between us.
We have entered into a larger consciousness of
God, whereas you are content with the shadows
of things. Just think how all your finest
thought seems to vanish with the passing of
great minds from your midst, yet this is not the
case, as you will discover when you awake to the
knowledge of a life that ever progresses from
the unreal to the true. When this consciousness
permeates the whole human race, you will be
lifted to a higher plane, for growth is simply a
larger consciousness.
Heaven is not a place, but a consciousness of
God. God cannot be thought of as a personality,
since God is all and in all. The Absolute is
above and beyond the conception of finite mind,
yet infinitely meek and lowly, filling all space.
As you emerge into this all-pervading love, the
true life becomes manifest and is always the answer
to the deepest and highest aspirations of the
soul. It is love fulfilling itself. Thank God for
NOW. Learn first and thoroughly that you have
been, and will be, for ever. Your present condition
is an opportunity for spiritual advancement.
Make the most and the best of your life now.
IT is wonderful to realize that we are one
great and unlimited whole. I could not understand
this once. Your1 Scriptures tell
you that all things are open to the eyes of God.
How slowly we learn that God and man are one.
Do away with your limitations. Stand out free
in the strong life of God. You are like children
witli your walls and partitions, your churches
and chapels. We, too, wonder why we were so
long learning the things that have since become
quite clear to us. God is all life, seen and unseen.
Millions on the material plane are in
bondage, yet all the time the doors stand open.
You will long to tell them this when you come to
us. We are permitted to come to you at some
cost, only do believe what we say, and act upon it.
We want to help you to live your real life.
1 Jer. xvi 17, xxxii. 19 ; Prov. v. 21, xv. 3 ; Heb. iv.
Begin by obedience to the dictates of the spirit
within yourself; it willl lead you into truth.
This is not easy, as man is always hedged about
by a false personality, a Satan of the senses —
this shadowy nothing must be cast behind us,
for it is of the senses and would deceive humanity.
It is sometimes like an angel of light, so
much does falsity imitate reality; you can always
distinguish it from the spirit, however, if
you remember what I say. The 2 voice of Christ
is fearless, all powerful, the voice of a conqueror;
the voice of the shadow of good suggests limitation,
sickness, death. Hold fast to the All -good,
the only real.
We worship God through Jesus Christ. There
is no other way, 3 and there never has been, except
in name. One title for God is Father, and
it is the best we know, but it becomes much more
comprehensive as we grow in the knowledge of
God. You4 have the power of a great victory
within you, and God is continually speaking.
In Him we live and move and have our being.
2 .John xvi. 33 ; Rev. i. 18. 4 Luke x. 19.
3 John xiv. 6.
Many who are working among the downtrodden
and degraded ask : ” How is this? ” ” And
why?” We would tell them that every created
being must work up and through every necessary
phase, evolving from the lowest point of created
life. Yet we know neither the day nor the hour
when the Son of Man cometh. Often in the deepest
darkness of experience, illumination arises,
changing the whole aspect and environment.
The soul at once recognizes that only through
this period of apparent degradation and ignorance
can it evolve. Make the most and the
best of every experience, you will thank God for
them all. Do not weep with those who weep,
but help them by a mighty love, pure as a
mother’s, for in the love of a mother is the unselfishness
of God.
Learn to become unselfed.
You are not an atom, you are the whole.
Every true unselfish life lifts the race nearer the
Godhead. We are finding channels everywhere,
teaching all over the earth by secret ways.
Above5 all things, walk by the spirit of God ; as
5 Gal. V. 16.
you do this more and more you will become conscious
of harmony in your surroundings. Keep
your hearts full of love to God and to all men,
and we will teach you much. If you do not understand
what we say, wait; we will teach very
simply ; but we beg you to realize our teachings
in your lives.
THE voice of spirit is far-reaching. It is
the expression of omnipresence, and is
both near and far. It knows nothing
of space, but for the present we must deal with
beginnings. Perhaps it would be as well to help
you at your present stage of unfoldment. It is
absolutely necessary that you should have times
of quiet1 that you should come out from the
business of life for a part of each day. If you
were to wait in silence, holding the attitude of
growth and steady development, thinking above
all else of the kingdom of God — your condition
should not be one of strain or of blank nothingness,
avoid both these extremes — the result
would be of the highest value to yourself and to
all around you.
Hold in your heart, the true place of under-
1 Matt. xiv. 23 ; Mark i. 35, vi. 31, 46.
standing, a stillness which is alive, like the heart
of the rose. The God powers within you would
assert themselves; crooked things would become
straight, rough places plain. All smallness and
discord quietly but surely would drop away and
have no longer any power. To spirit, stagnation
is impossible. The creative energy is constant
activity within. All outside energy is waste and
hindrance. As you quietly2 wait upon God, the
breath of life renews each particle of the body
by its silent, orderly activity.
We are not able to tell you of future events,
but we can indicate their trend, for each individual
makes the future by the thoughts and acts
of the present. You are today the result of your
past. You may be hopeful, as your present
thought will be fully realized in the future day.
Hold the positive attitude in all that you undertake
for spiritual development, knowing that
God never fails. This holds you above the sense
plane, and you immediately function from the
spiritual, substantial, and only real. All must
be finished before the Christhood of the race
2 Job xxxiii. 4.
is complete — complete, unselfish, impersonal.
Loving God and loving man, all may enter into
unity. The evolution of spirit through the material
is the work of creation. It is God that
worketh in you now. Rejoice that you have this
knowledge, and give the utmost for the highest.
Live in spirit, breathe and walk in the innermost
heart of yourself.
I want you to give some part of the day to this
silent growth, thus bringing poise and balance
into your whole being. I repeat this, as it is so
necessary, so pregnant with results. First, you
will be conscious of good sound judgment, a better
understanding of your neighbour, and clear
insight. Afterwards, the result in your body
will be realized, for in the silence the3 heart of
flesh will have become one with the heart of
spirit; and thus you bring about perfect circulation
of the blood.
You can understand how highly important this
is when I tell you that the brain is fed by the
spirit ; a finer element has become ruler over the
grosser, and the spirit of the living God breathes
3 Ps. xvl. 9, margin of R.V. ; Ps. lxxiii. 20.
through the outer body of flesh. I am making
this clear in order to emphasize the necessity for
quiet. Later, you will not need this, as you will
command at all times and in all places, heeding
neither environment nor discord.
Do not seek love — give it. This is nourishment.
Will you give ear to this? Take what is
your right from your Father. He who brought
you to this very moment of your lives is speaking
in your hearts. Awake,4 thou that sleepest.
Christ shall give thee light.
4 Eph. V. 14.
PRAYER is to us the breathing of the breath
of life. It is the strongest spiritual element
in all worlds. I think we may now
discuss the subject of prayer — as I see you have
used this powerful weapon to some extent ignorantly.
You say to some one in trouble : ” I
will pray for you,” or you wish to help some one,
say, in Australia. You know your wish is one
with God’s will, and you desire to bless with your
whole being — but how do you send forth this
God-energy? The prayer is often sent with the
false idea of great separation, to a God afar off.
It is never lost, but prayer of this kind enters
into the vibrations most in accord with itself.
Although something is done in this way, the
person you wanted to help is not helped to any
great extent. Remember, Jesus spoke to the
maid alone, when He entered the room, saying,
“Talitha cumi,” and you too must be definite,
clear, positive. Enter1 into your closet, the innermost
of yourself, and there see the perfect
will of God accomplished for your friend — this
is simple faith — and never see or hear anything
else. Restfully,2 and without strain, see victory
in the name of Christ Jesus.
Now I will tell you what takes place when you
speak from the God-centre of your being. In the
strength of your calm assurance, false vibrations
are withered entirely. There3 is neither darkness
nor depth where God is not, and you bring
the troubled spirit into touch with God instantly.
We have seen this many times. You cannot estimate
the value of true prayer. To us it seems
as if you were like children set down in a great
power house, not knowing the importance of the
switches and electric forces around you, waiting
for knowledge, yet ofttimes blind and deaf.
I use your language so that you may understand,
but words fail to express spiritual realities.
Your faith in God is your life and power.
1 Matt. vi. 6. 3 Ex. xx. 21.
2 Mark. xi. 24.
With4 true prayer you shall ask what j’ou will,
and remember, nothing5 is yours unless you take
and possess. We have never known true prayer
to fail. Do not cast your care upon an outside
God and wait for results. God being within you,
the answer is not distant from the desire. The
spirit within is one with God and Christ; how
then can God be afar off? I have given you this
advice for those who have special need, but I
would have you pray always: Thy Kingdom
come ” in every heart and life. For he who
knows God in his own heart and in farthest space
is at one with all nations, north, south, east, and
west. In your love and prayer include them all.
Live in the thought of love toward all, and your
life will become one unceasing prayer, a6 constant
going forth of God.
We would help to give you poise, that you
may live always and only in the central life,
dwelling on the plane of spirit, the only reality.
Have done with shadow and illusion — enter
4 Matt xxi. 22 ; John xvi. 24
5 Josh. xvi. 4, xviii. 3 ; 1 Kings xxii. 3 ; Obad. 17.
6 Luke xviU. 1, xxi. 36 ; Rom. xiL 12 ; Eph. vL 18 ;
1 Thess. v. 17.
into rest. Cease from time limitations. Remember
our first lesson — You always are, and
you always will be. Try to realize this now.
Rest from your anxieties and live in the eternal.
The blessing of God is with you always and for
THERE is nothing in life you need fear.
You1 will become sure that you are safe
at all times and in every place. This
realization will reveal to you how much you
have understood of the truth of being. Nothing
can affect your real individuality. We want
these lessons to help you to enter into your own
now.2 It is wrong to hope and expect grace
only at some future time.
Realize that spirit is omnipotent, omnipresent,
omniscient. What is there to wait for? Let me
state here — spirit cannot be less than the greatest.
You have been trying to make statements
from without. Let all your affirmations come
from within, suggested only by the inward voice.
Let every other sound and sense be silent before
it. Let this spiritual highest you take posses-
1 Ps. xci. 3 Ps. xxxvii. 7, margin of R.V.
2 2 Cor. vi. 2. 4Rom. viii. 11,
sion of your mortal body. The only things that
have ever really helped you to a higher knowledge
of God have come from within. You must
be true and faithful to the Word that speaks.
Thoughts are the outbreathings of this Word,
the first cause of all. We can only help you to
help yourself. Remember all through these lessons
that nothing helps from without unless it
receives recognition from within. The5 spirit
is always revealing Christ, the whole and complete
Saviour in you, the6 hope of glory or gloriousness.
Your7 entire will, thought, and brain
are led by this holy, invisible guide into knowledge
of all truth. The moments of healing and
growth have been when all the unquiet voices of
the senses were hushed and silenced, when all
personalities had ceased to touch you, when you
had learned to be still. Then8 God spoke in
His Holy Temple. Oh that you would rest from
your false thinking and Be !
Y’our present phase is a training ground, and
5 John xv. 26, xvi. 13-15 ; Gal. 1. 12.
6 Col. 1. 27 ; Gal. iv. 19.
7 1 Thess. v. 23, 24.
8 Hab. ii. 20.
you can do there what would be out of place and
difficult here — just as you would find it difficult
to learn the lessons of childhood when you
are adult. Many loved ones who dwelt with you
in the flesh have entered into the larger sphere
to watch and pray with you. Listen to Christ
Jesus the divine Man, and you will understand
that His words are for you and have new meanings.
That9 you may have life in all its fulness,
that your bodies may be perfectly whole, that you
may be safe from harm and accident, that the
worst enemy may be conquered, even10 death itself,
before you reach the thin veil which divides
us: all this and more will be revealed to you,
for all the works11 of God are ” very good.”
Tonight when you rest, do not allow the senses
to suggest weakness or weariness; instead, allow
your spiritual atmosphere within and without to
enfold and invigorate you, until you are conscious
of spiritual conquest before you sleep.
Your whole body will be renewed by this holy
baptism, and your awakening in the morning
9 John x. 10. 11 Gen. 1 31.
10 1 Cor. xv. 25, 26.
will be a triumph and a joy. The effect of this
is a sweet cleansing of mind and body. So12
much is done during the hours of sleep and darkness.
We pray that you may truly say:
” Awake13 or asleep, I am still with Thee.”
Cease from worry.
12 Ps. cxxvii. 2, margin of R.V. ; Ps. xvi. 7.
13 Ps. cxxxix. 18.
ALREADY you are entering into a wider
understanding. There are many who
have gone on, yet in ignorance of much
with which you are familiar. So far we have
clearly stated the first fact — Who are we? Indestructible
spiritual beings. The living knowledge
of this alters your whole mental attitude towards
sin, sickness, and death. Now we approach
with reverence and humility our next
consideration — Why am I?
The whole answer is contained in one sentence:
You are, because God is; but as man is
still blinded by false sense, I will endeavour to
speak from your own standpoint. In the place
where you are, there is a work of the highest
importance to be done, and no one else can do
your work. God has brought you to this time
and place in order to carry out perfect laws.
You may never be known to the world, but your
work shall stand for ever. By your own indwelling
spiritual forces you will spiritualize and
make real the plane of shadow and confusion.
Working from the same spiritual standpoint,
there will be no separation between us and you.
In reality, there is no division. Your world
sense of fear is the only barrier between us.
This is a falsity, and belongs to ignorance and
chaos. You are just where you are for the doing
of God’s perfect work. Hold an attitude of
receptivity of heart and mind.
All the good around you exists for ever, and
can never change or be lost. It is spoiled to
you, because your eyes have opened to good and
bad. The good is the only real. The1 kingdom
of heaven is like unto leaven, working from the
very heart of God the Creator. Your work the
angels might envy, for in so far as you are true
to your unlimited and spiritual nature, you are
creative. We earnestly watch and pray for the
coming of the Kingdom of Heaven upon earth.
It will be the awakening from shadow to sub-
1 Matt. xiii. 33.
stance, from confusion to order, from weakness
to power — but, above all else, to the wholeness
or unity of life. Realize that your work is the
highest, work that you have undertaken to do
from the beginning. I would here recommend
that you begin with your immediate circle, as the
very next step must be the right one. See and
know only the good in those nearest to you.
Speak to them, recognizing the highest Self.
Your trust shall beget in them new hope. In
every detail of your life know only the good,
which in very truth is the only real. Do not be
cast down by appearances, but rather maintain
an attitude of steadfast hope towards all who
seem at a low stage of development, seeing always
the goal to which they also shall attain;
as for yourself, work with everything that makes
for good. Your reason for being on the earth
now is to help on this very work. There are
helpers all around you. God is love incarnate.
Peace is in your hearts and lives now. Behold,
I make all things new.
THE more we know of God, the greater
becomes our reverence and humility.
The infinite and eternal Wisdom has
such exquisite order for every created being; the
very stones and rocks are marvels of His goodness.
Even the dewdrop obeys a law and fulfils
the eternal purpose. As you evolve,1 you discern
these higher laws and become in harmony with
them. It is one of our most interesting studies
to discover the wonderful and perfect laws of
living on each plane. If you could see the great
interior worlds, you would almost worship your
fellow-beings. God has endowed you richly.
You have made mistakes, because you have not
known yourselves. The mighty eternal love is
seeking expression everywhere.
You ask : ” What is the most practical
1Prov. i. 2, 3, ii. 1-11, viii. 14, ix. 10, xvL. 22, xxvm.
method of healing the body? ” Our great teacher
Jesus Christ always met the need of the people
at their exact degree of unfoldment. Thus,
some would need the clay,2 or bathing; others
the spoken3 word only. Jesus never failed to
help in whatsoever condition or circumstance;
that they came to Him was enough. This is
where so many of your healers fail : either because
they offer something beyond their power to
realize, or because they employ methods that
have become as words devoid of life. The 4 great
Healer, by reason of the greatness of His love,
could meet every need, and only as you love can
you really help. Love5 perceives as never man
sees, suggesting with infinite variety the exact
method. We are anxious that you should not
spoil the great and beautiful work by following
any known method, but always by following your
own loving spiritual instinct, taking ” no
thought what ye shall say. It6 shall be given
2 John ix. 7.
3 Matt. viii. 8, ix, 20-22.
4 Matt. viii. 16 ; Luke iv. 18, 19.
5 John xiii. 34.
6 Matt. x. 19.
you in that hour.” Love7 with all your heart,
soul, mind, and strength, and nothing is impossible
to you. Jesus never failed to understand
and recognize the perfect spiritual body in all
men. Your body is perfect in spirit (substance),
and every part of the material body
should act in obedience to the spiritual, the
only real.
When the senses would indicate pain and disorder,
remember your spiritual body, and call
it into manifestation by the word8 of power.
The9 body should manifest wholeness, or you are
surely making God seem a failure. Later on,
when your body functions only from the plane of
spirit, its uses will be finer, its obedience immediate.
The positive spiritual man will assert
himself, refusing to recognize the suggestion of
the sense man, and will become ruler. Christ
shall reign in you, and10 Satan will be under
His feet. Fill the house every day with strong,
positive health vibrations, lifting the very at-
7 1 Cor. xiii.
8 Luke i. 37 R.V., iv. 32 AN.
9 Rom. viii. 11, 19 R.V. ; Eph. i. 19, 20, 23 R.V.
10 Rom. xvi. 20,
mosphere into purity and truth. Growth into
good is so simple, so natural, for God11 is working
in your midst and cannot fail.
11 Ps. lxxiv. 12.
WE are taking the first cause and tracing
its relationship to our present understanding.
You have learned to say,
“I am spirit,” I am to create.” It would be
as well to understand at what period of creation
the race now stands, as this will make our immediate
work clear to us. The race is at present
in its childhood, just emerging into knowledge
of the great and only life, the I am, knowing very
little of its true meaning and purpose. You
understand that in these lessons we cannot express
spiritual verities in words, we can only
attempt to suggest the transcendental reality behind
the shadow. The finest earth-music you
have ever heard can only suggest real music to
you; the highest that it does is to lead you to
the heart of the composer, where you catch something
of the perfect idea.
1 have used this very crude illustration to
teach you something of the meaning of God.
He is ever beyond our highest ideal. Here,
then, is our call to growth. Every stage of development
reveals more of God, and every generation
of men finds Him greater than the last.
Today the conception is higher than it has ever
been, and yet you see and know only1 as men
dimly groping in darkness and mist. God ever
becomes more lovely as vision clears ; every height
we climb reveals fresh glory, and2 calls us to
follow on with unabated eagerness. And yet His
greatness is greatest when it is in accord with the
lowliest atom, when the Father-Mother God lifts
the meanest thing to a place of safety in the very
heart of love. The realization of this fills us with
worship and adoration, for great is our God
above all gods.
Jesus Christ revealed God according to your
need. The world, like children crying in the
night, and with no language but a cry, was answered
by the Father; by this name you know
1 1 Cor. xiii. 12. 3 Ps. xcv. 3.
2 2 Cor. M. 18.
and love Him ; by this name we understand much
more than you do ; but God is always willing to
help you according to your need. Present understanding
reveals something of the law of endless
progression, of the fulness of life, of its
deeper, richer meanings. Jesus4 revealed the
Christ of God, the hidden spring, abundant,
overflowing, perpetual, never ceasing, that you
might have it5 in all its fulness, that6 your
flesh also might rest in hope. There is no mystery
in this. Full, rich, glorious life should fill
every vein — for Christ 7 is your life. Jesus did
not draw down life from an outside God. He
knew Himself to be the eternal Christ of God.
I think you will see more meaning in the life
of Jesus as you live from the innermost of yourself.
Humanity, God’s eternal son, will one day
say : ” It8 is finished,” and ” they9 shall all be
one.” God is everywhere fulfilling Himself;
not10 even a sparrow shall fall on the ground
without your Father. As Jesus the Christ was
4 John i. 18. 7 Col. iii. 4.
5 John xvii. 13, 20th Century N.T. 8 John xiv. 30.
6 Ps. xvi. 9. John xvii. 21.
unchanged by the experience called death, even
so are we here, as there, ourselves, for we have
always been and cannot die.
10. Matt. x. 29.
TRANSITION from the personal to the
universal does not mean loss of identity,
but rather a greater individuality.
Personality as understood by man is full of limitations.
If1 the disciples vere to keep Jesus2 of
Nazareth, they would lose the Christ of God.
Jesus knew this and put the temptation of
Peter far from Him, as He knew His personality
was not their greatest good. I3 come to reveal
the Father, and I4 will come and abide
with you for ever: these wonderful words were
full of meaning and today come with greater
power. Only as Jesus withdrew Himself from
their midst, could He come again to all men in
His omnipotence.
I have shown you in our previous lessons that
1 John xvi. 5-7. 4 John xiv. 16.
2 Matt. xvi. 21-23. 5 John xvi. 7.
3 John xiv. 7-11.
spirit is our first and real foundation. It has
many channels and modes of expression, but it
is the one and only life. Man on the plane of
sense has tried to explain with finite mind the
infinite wisdom of God. Man has limited the
holy one, has dared to speak of God as person.
Man, who does not know himself, has tried to
explain the whole of God. In all these things
you must live, think, and speak only from the
spirit, for6 the spirit searcheth all things. As
you sink deep within yourself, a great meekness
fills all your thoughts. You learn of Him who
was and is greatest in His meekness and highest
in His lowliness. The true understanding of
personality becomes clearer to you as you realize
your relationship to the whole. Your vision
clears, you become filled with holy reverence and
mighty hope. Personality is greater than you
know, for the weakest person has the whole universe
to draw upon — is entirely unlimited.
I say you exist because God is, and all7 He
has is yours. People seem to fail for want of
vitality. The explanation is this: each of you
6 1 Cor. ii. 10. 7 Luke xv. 31.
is a trinity, living on three planes — the planes
of spirit, soul, and body. In most cases there
has been an unequal existence on one or more of
these planes. You should draw all from the
spiritual first, thus feeding the8 soul covering,
and manifestation in the body must follow.
Only on earth can man do this great and perfect
work. Every spiritual truth brought into manifestation
is creative, and all your future is made
by your conquests now. You must consecrate
your whole being afresh to God, that He9 may
work His perfect will, bringing harmonious conditions
into your life.
8 Dan. vii. 15, margin. 9 Phil. ii. 13.
AT this point we will consider together
the value of your Scriptures, the collection
of books called by you ” The Bible.”
Books, words, letters, are all valueless in themselves.
What 1 you call inspiration is the true
secret of their value. The spirit by its potency,
its subtle vitality, can take any word from any
language, on the plane of sense, and use it to
convey meanings, to suggest thought, and often
to pierce through a wall of sense impossible to
the word of itself. Thus the word is only the
vehicle or outer shell, hiding either the pearl of
great price or a two-edged sword. The2 Word
of God is quick and powerful; it is also sweeter3
than the honeycomb.
Inspiration, then, is the one spirit using for
its channels many books and many methods; it
1 2 Tim. iii. 16. 3 Ps.. xix. 10, cxix. 103.
2 Heb. iv. 12.
is ever seeking avenues to pour out the abundant
wealth and wisdom of God. Inspiration is possible
to all men. That you can from the spiritual
plane use sense or empty words, so that they become
vehicles of spiritual power, is a great and
glorious truth. This, too, is genius, for God has
spoken, and the ordinary language of time and
sense is made eternal and spiritual.
In just this way, Jesus took the word “bread,”
and gave it a holy and spiritual meaning. When
we pray: ” Give4 us this day our daily bread,”
we are using words of great and significant meaning
— seeking the nourishment that shall sustain
us in very deed. In all things we are to
bring reality and truth where nothingness and
limitation have made chaos and darkness.
Then we see the necessity for light : God’s first
spoken word at the Creation — LIGHT5.
Written words are not the only means of communication,
for the sjnrit comes into our outer
man with great illumination, and to explain this
you have no words. I pray that this may be
4 Matt. vi. 11; John vi. 32-51.
5 Gen. i. 3.
your experience in all its fulness. It is the first
and highest expression of God. The illumined
soul moves through all life, radiating light, the
unconscious manifestation of divinity, a deep,
inward peace, a real knowledge of men and of
all things, a light which cannot be hid, for it is
conveyed in every gesture, in every spoken word.
Thus we understand an inspired or illumined
soul. The real value, then, of the Bible is in
the spiritual or inspired writer, who has opened
your understanding to the things of God.
Added to this is another mighty factor — the
place you have given the Bible. It holds the
highest place amongst all your books, and it always
will. Millions of people have lifted it by
their belief in it. In this we recognize the working
of a law unknown to you. I can best explain
it as the law of transmutation. The working
out is as follows : You can lift everything into
the highest place, until it becomes transmuted
and purified, changing into very gold the basest
metal of earth. This is the philosopher’s stone,
the transmutation into heavenly values by our
faith in absolute truth.
I am putting this key into your hands, that
you too may begin even now to turn every experience
into an opportunity to lift it into the
highest until it becomes purified, transmuted;
pure6 gold tried in the fire of God; and not only
this, but it returns to you a thousandfold, filled
with richest meanings for all time. This is what
has taken place with your Bible. You have
given it this place, and your reward is that it
will always reveal the highest things to you because
of this very law. Take the Holy Book and
read it much ; seek7 the spirit, not the letter, in
this as in all other things.
We are very much in earnest about these
things, and if you remember that this beneficent
law is always operating you will understand the
effect in your lives. You have the power to bring
any one whom you wish to help, into this place
of blessing. Every act of your life, every expression
of your thoughts, should be lifted towards
the very highest. There will come to you
a realization of a place of sinlessness within
yourselves, a place of purity and perfection that
6 Rev. iii. 18. 7 John vi. 63 ; 2 Cor. iii. 6.
nothing can touch or soil, for you have begun to
BE even as your Father who is in Heaven.
The Bible has become to you the Book, but I
would also have you know that God has inspired
men and women with power to reveal, in our own
time, even greater things, and ever fresh unfoldings
from the heart of life. Above all things,
we want you to have the open vision8 today,
for greater things are coming, and God is doing
wonders9 among you. Rejoice in the new revelation,
abounding in10 hope. The new will reveal
the old to you afresh. Have no doubts. Launch
out11 into the deeps of God, and fear not.
Eternity is now.
8 1 Sam. iii. 1 ; Prov. xxix. 18. 10 Rom. xv. 13.
9 Josh. iii. 5. 11 Luke v. 4.
TRUTH is the eternal Word.
There is nothing new, for truth has
had no beginning. As you unfold
you have clearer vision and wider spheres of
action. You cannot see new truth, that is impossible.
Whenever you enter into the plane
of spirit, prepare yourself by prayer and the
consecration of your whole being to God. This
is the only safeguard against false teachers.
When there is a threefold cord it1 is not easily
broken. Three souls in perfect unity can do
great things for the cause of God and of all men.
Let the spirit within you be your only guide.
It is for this reason only that we come, that you
may know yourselves. Our words can only help
as they enable you to do this. Our love for your
world is very great. Do not lean on any out-
1 Eccles. iv. 12.
side help, however high, however good. You
have already learned that it is impossible for
the mind of man to affect Spirit in any way.
The work to be done in you is of far greater
importance than learning from any teacher.
Jesus could not do His works of healing while
the mind was thinking. There must be silence
when 2 God speaks. The Christ within you is
the same yesterday,3 today, and for ever. Wait
in silence and repose, that Christ may speak,
may write upon yourselves His thoughts, His
purposes. His designs. Let this mind4 be in
you until not I, but5 the Christ of God is your
only reality. You have known this for many
years, but let the old Word speak again, until
you feel the thrill, the newness of life, the upspringing
of the eternal Son of God.
That sin may be forgiven, there is needed a
2 Gen. xviii. 1, xxiv. 63; Ps. xxxvii. 7, margin of R.V.
; Ezek. iii. 22 ; Gal. i. 11-17.
3 Heb. xiii. 8.
4 Phil. ii. 5.
5 Gal. ii. 20.
6 John iv. 14, vii. 38. Syriac V., ” He that believeth
into Me, out of his innermost being shall flow
torrents of living waters.”
cleansing, a putting7 off the old, so that the
tender, new realization of Christ may not be impeded
by the opposite of good. Sin and evil
must not be confused as they often are. Sin is
that great falsity connected with our outer self
of the senses, it belongs to separateness and
chaos. It would dare to set up its king and
make its kingdom in our midst; but the Christ,
now consciously real to us, as an inward fact,
is greater than we know, and shall put all things
under8 His feet. His very life in us is re-creating,
making9 new, or filling with Himself, bringing
the soul into unity with God ; thus, as of old,
driving out of His Father’s temple10 the thieves
and robbers by His own right of possession.
There goes out from us a cry of need, a11 great
want, a reaching out to the author of our being.
The infinite love is all-sufficient, and from that
heart of love comes the healing of forgiveness,
such greatness of love, that12 all is blotted out;
since One dwells within who has conquered sin
and death.
7 Col. iii. 9. 10 John ii. 15.
8 1 Cor. XV. 25. 11 Ps. xUi. 1, 2.
9 Rom. xii. 2. 12 Ps.ii. 1 ; Col. ii. 14.
Learn that sin forgiven is the end of that sin,
but13 not the end of its results — the root is
killed and the river of 14 life flows on. The suffering
and results caused by sin can15 be turned
into good. We on this side see something of
the compensations of life. The ways of God are
perfect,16 and the soul that is conscious of the
living Christ, lifted into unity with the Father,
becomes one with the work of redemption, lifting
the whole race.
Love is pressing through the very atmosphere
round about us and you. Love requires readiness
and17 obedience, and we are called to do its
bidding. Are you willing to obey even18 unto
the death of the cross? That cross is the place
of your sacrifice for all men. All must go to
Calvary, there to become one with the Father.
Greater love19 hath no man than this. Love is
the atmosphere wherein all that is highest is
nourished and fed. Love dwells in every human
life, however degraded it may seem to you. Love
18 Gal. vi. 7. 17 Isa. i. 19.
14 Rev. xxii. 1, 2. 18 Phil. ii. 7, 8.
15 Gen. 1. 20. 19 John xv. 13.
16 2 Sam. xxii. 31.
much, and 20 Christ shall do His work through
you, for He loves your world, and will never
cease until it has become the kingdom21 of
20 1 John iv. 16-19. 21 Matt vi. 18.
HEAVEN is not a place to which you
go, it1 is just where you are. You can
enter heaven now. Good men and
women from time to time have made this discovery,
and henceforth ” All2 is well.” They have
ceased to hurry, for the journey is over. They
are no longer pilgrims and strangers, but children
in the Father’s home. The first thing we
understand when we awake is, that there has
not been any journey, or passing over and
through vast spaces. We are just where we always
have been — at home, alive for3 evermore.
There is no separation from any one we love, or
from any good that is ours. To enter heaven is
to become lifted into a larger consciousness of
1 Luke xvii. 2.
2 2 Kings iv. 26; Hab. xvii. 17-19.
3 Rev. i. 18.
God, and in this consciousness we possess much
more really all those whom we love. We are
nearer to you, and we often talk together.
There is no parting, but only greater unity. No
belief in distance and space is possible on the
spiritual plane. I can only remember it when
I wish to understand your conditions. In the
clearer light we can no longer hold the false idea
of limitation. All is ours and all is yours. To 4
become spiritually-minded is life and peace. No
suggestion of the carnal mind5 can ever produce
Thank God for the secret stir of life on your
earth, like the sap in the tree, sending forth life
exultant into every part. A glorious liberty6
is opening up before you. The captives are being
set 7 free, old bonds are bursting, fetters of
ancient creeds are being snapped asunder. Be
not dismayed, the battle is8 God’s. Do not hug
your chains; let go. Yield to the highest within
you, and so become one with the great good,
pouring forth healing and blessing through every
4 Rom. viii. 6. 7 Luke iv. 18.
5 Gal. v. 19-21. 8 1 Sam. xvii 47.
6 Rom. viii. 21.
waiting channel. Tlie whole race is being lilted
on to a higher plane. This work is going on in
your very midst. We are full of thanksgiving
at the thought that you may know the freedom
of the children of God. Conscious union with
God is your whole salvation; spirit, soul, and
body. The knowledge of God’s oneness with
man, with yourself, is the open door to freedom.
Jesus came to show you the way, for Christ is
the Way.
I see you have not understood me about mind
and thinking. This is a very wide subject. I
can give you only the main points. The sense
mentality, that delicate medium for spiritual
truth, has shared in falsity — separateness —
when it should have been the perfect channel
for the one and only mind. Crammed by false
thinking from the outer, it should have remained
open to the divine inner and the only real, fed
from the highest source, the real bread and9 true
blood, which is Christ. It is the power to bring
into subjection10 all sense perceptions, all false
minds, alive in every part of the body. Every
9 John vl. 63. 10 2 Cor. x. 5.
atom of your body should be under control, lest
the hand,11 foot, or brain should gain supremacy,
rule you, and bring about confusion.
The sense of separateness in every sense is
your great enemy. We beg you to let the mind
of 12 the Christ control. It is wisdom, It is love,
and It is unity. Let this mind hold you, control
you — sweeping through the outer body of flesh
as its lord and king; so that each breath shall
rekindle and glow. Ay, even the very dry 13
bones shall reunite and breathe. So shall you
die to sin and the sense of separateness, but live
unto14 Christ. You will read and understand
in your hearts.
11 1 Cor. xn. 13 Ezek. xxxvii.
12 Phil. ii. 5. 14 Rom. vii. 11.
DO you ask for practical lessons on healing
because you want immediate results?
I will answer your question, in order
that you may attain to the highest. You can appeal
on the material plane and seem to get help
quickly; this is because you have been so long
under the dominion of the senses. At first,
when seeking health from the spiritual plane,
you will seem to become worse; always regard
this as a hopeful sign. It means the last fight
with falsity and shadow. With each attack of
the enemy remember that Christ is your life;
until finally you die to live, putting off the old
man and his dominion, to live anew and for ever,
for you have conquered the last enemy through
the Lord Christ. God’s work is never uncertain
or hurried. It is sure, and is steadily working
out good. ” Therefore mine own arm
brought salvation.”1 “Therefore be steadfast,2
unmovable, always abounding,” and although
you may seem to make but little headway, you
are really growing, even in the darkness of night.
The great master, Jesus, unfolded this aspect
in His parables3 dealing with the kingdom of
heaven. The little brown seed sown in the earth
is unaware of the sun, until it comes through the
darkness of matter, by its own inherent activity,
unfolding to receive consciously that which has
always been influencing its growth in the darkness;
and yet I say that even the sun would have
no power, were it not for the central attraction
within the seed. Now we understand something
of the meaning of evil and its friendly uses, that
the dark earth is the medium for growth ; and I
can best liken it to the creation of God, which is
called evil, always pressing into activity the hidden
force within the seed covering.
Without this friendly aid and left to itself,
the seed, though perfect, would be non-productive.
1 Isa. lix. 16. 3 Matt. xiii. 31.
2 1 Cor. xv. 58.
The so-called evil has caused the seed to
quicken, to bring forth by its very opposition.
Look into nature, for therein is the symbol of
every creative process on the spiritual plane.
All that exists is first and for ever in the
real world of spirit, of which yours is but the
shadow and semblance. When the fulness of
time comes, your world will be no longer shadow,
but substance, for it will be the kingdom of the
Christ, the new heavens4 and the new earth, one
united home. There shall be no parting, for
there shall be neither separation nor death, since
the former things are passed away, and man and
God are one.
4 Rev. xxi. 1, 4.
THE seed covering, as explained in our
last lesson, contains the germ — the
promise — of the fulness of the Godhead,
just as the outer man contains the seed
form of the spiritual man, with all the possibilities
of growth and expression. We would have
you remember that while the inner and spiritual
is always perfect, the outer covering is often
out of harmony and has many imperfections,
owing to long ages — as you count time — of
ignorance and sense domination.
You are to learn that spirit is the rightful
ruler, the true owner and king, Man has tried
to alter conditions on the material plane, to
seek help from without; this has hindered and
often prevented the real work. Wherever spiritual
forces have been brought to the material
plane, the work is lasting, nay, eternal. An un-
conquered body is an unfinished life. All must
be completed. He will perfect 1 that which concerneth
As you grow in understanding of the realities,
your vision of Christ will be clearer, and vision2
is the beginning of attainment. We must first
see, then become our vision. Hold the highest
ideal, even Christ, and you will awake in His3
You may ask at this point, how we explain
the perfect physique of the undeveloped races.
The difference is that you have evolved, and although
through ignorance you have not developed
perfectly all round, yet it is a far higher thing
to have come to a knowledge of your spiritual
being, even at a loss to the material. The undeveloped
man will awaken later, and he too
must learn that I am. The will to be becomes
a force to be reckoned with. He will suffer, for
knowledge is born of suffering, until he comes
to the consciousness of God. As you have struggled
with the less real, so will he, and you will
1 Ps. cxxxviii. 8. 3 Ps. xvii. 15.
2 Hab. ii.
watch and pray with us, till all the kingdoms
of the earth are as the kingdom of heaven, for all
souls4 are the inheritance of God. So much of
your suffering is unnecessary and caused by opposing
the will of God, but there is a quality of
suffering that effects the highest good, that suffering
which brings into activity the three great
principles of spiritual growth — faith, hope, and
love. The highest good is known by its opposite,
and every experience can be used for ultimate
good. Learn that the beauty of morning
is known because of the darkness of night. Sorrow
is ever making channels for joy.
4 Ps. ii. 8 ; Dan. vii. 13, 14.
THE1 heart is the place of understanding,
or as we would rather say, the doorway
of divine wisdom — “Blessed2 are the
pure in heart, for they shall see God.” The
heart,3 and not the mind, knoweth the deep things
of God. Our lesson can only be understood in
your own heart. The true revelation must unfold
from the divine heart of love, beating in unison
with your own. So near is God.
There are many theories, many explanations
given about the cross of Jesus. Trust the inward
and spiritual guide in all these matters,
and not the mind of man. We know that the
sacrifice on the cross has for your world the deepest
meaning. In that sublime act Jesus the
Christ symbolized God’s highest thought for you.
1 Prov. x. 10.
2 Matt. v. 8.
3 Prov. ii. 2, 10, iv. 23, xxii. 17.
You4 cannot now comprehend the greatness of
it. Bonds were burst, and your earth was given
its freedom. How much we have misunderstood
its meaning! Let us keep reverent hearts and
hushed voices before a mystery of such high import.
It has a wide meaning, and only divine
wisdom can interpret its greatness and its love.
From our side we see something more of its
The principalities5 and powers can no longer
harm you against your own will. Jesus
descended into the lowest hell that He might
set free the captives and cast off all that makes
for separation between God and man. The cross
was the lifting up of humanity into divinity.
Every incident in connection therewith symbolizes
some great inner truth. In that mysterious
outflow of water from the side, your earth
received its chrism — its holy anointing — its
Christhood. We worship in lowly adoration
when we remember the greatness of that work.
We have much to learn about this, and you can
4 Eph. iii. 16-21. 6 1 Pet. iii. 19,
5 Eph. vi. 12.
never know the full meaning of sacrifice until
you too enter into sinless and selfless Christhood.
Jesus Christ is your highest conception of
God. He chose to stand for your world from the
beginning as the eternal Christ of God. He
alone knew all God’s meaning for you. When
visible in the flesh He was the God-man,7 a Man
for all men, loving God and loving men, the universal
Man. In Him all find relationship. He
is of the great wholeness of life, the sap, the very
tree and vine. He was truly Son of God and
Son of Man. The great unity of God and Man
is revealed in the cross.
7 1 Ezek.; 1 Cor. xv. 47; Acts xvii. 31; 1 Tim. ii. 5,
TO receive this teaching you must exclude
the vibrations of inharmonious personalities;
it is highly injurious to allow an
invasion of magnetic currents. This causes exhaustion
and want of vitality. Keep perfect1
poise of spirit, never allowing any influence to
enter the spiritual innermost, while sensitive and
receptive. Try to help people to their own indwelling
spiritual wealth, and do not imagine
that it is the right thing to help them of yourself.
It is far higher to help others to help themselves,
leading them to the true source of all good. I
suggest that you do not allow any but yourself
to open the door of communication between yourself
and us. You all need to remember your own
right2 to rule in every condition and circumstance.
Let us consider together the meaning of the
1 Isa. xxvi. 3; Ps. cxii. 7. 2 1 Cor. iv. 8.
personal and of the universal for there is much
confusion of thought in your midst about these
things. Jesus was both a spiritual personal
identity and the Christ of God. This is God’s
meaning for you — with Jesus the divine teacher
for your guide. Jesus the Christ became one
with God when one with man. Only by withdrawing
Himself from their midst as a personality
could He really come again to His disciples
in that interior sense which was to make of these
ordinary men the great apostles of the Christian
Church. Only by entering into the universal
could He become the true individual in them and
in us all, the You, the I am of our life and theirs.
In that wonderful chapter of the Acts3 you
may find the record of their first glimpse of the
great cosmic consciousness, the inner illumination
which will cover the whole earth as the
waters cover the sea. They emerged from the
limitations of time and sense into a larger spiritual
freedom. Their loss of the personality of
Jesus was their great gain of the Christ all in
all. You are to become one with all men, a
8 Acts. iv. 31.
great brotherhood and divine unity.4 The words
will surely reveal the truth. At present this consciousness
is dawning; surely we see the coming
unity of man with man in God.
You will in no sense be less yourself but you
will be greater in love and understanding. The
suffering of some is the hurt of the whole. How 5
beautiful are the feet of those who carry the
tidings of peace and goodwill toward all men!
Silently working in the heart of the nations is
the Prince6 of Peace. We pray for open doors
that the great interior life may flow out and expand,
the very river from the Ancient 7 of Days.
There8 is perpetual healing wherever the river
Rest in hopje. Be strong9 and of good courage,
the day is coming10 — the night is past.
In11 the darkest and outermost hell is God.
There are planes below yours, some even unconscious
of God, but all shall be redeemed. Every
time you make a conquest on the material plane,
4 Ps. cxxxiii.; John xiii. 34. 8 Ezek. xlvii. 9, 12.
5 Isa. lii. 7. 9 Dent. xxxi. 6; Josh. i. 7.
6 Isa. ix. 6, 7. 10 Rom. xiii. 12.
7 Dart vii. 22. . 11 Ps. cxxxix. 8, lxxxvi. 13.
you make better conditions for those below you.
I repeat, every individual conquest is a victory
for the whole race.
Pray often and love much; do not falter on
the upward path, for when you fall, others fall
with you. Thank God for your glorious opportunity
here and now.
Read 12 the Sermon on the Mount continually,
and wait silently as the words unfold their meaning
to you.
12 Matt v. vi. and vii.
THE body is the covering and the garment
of spirit, and you are learning that
spirit is ruler. At first you may not see
results, but the work begins the instant you function
from the spiritual plane. Do not be discouraged
— as I was — at not seeing results. I
see now that the work of healing was going on,
often when things seemed at their worst. You
will thank God for the darkness and the struggle;
you will prove their real friendliness. Christ’s
work in you is to proclaim liberty to captive
souls, the opening of prison doors to them that
are bound. Your body will be the beautiful garment
of spirit, for salvation is not in part, but
You ask ” What is thought? ” Perhaps you
have missed the true understanding. Thought
is a creative process behind all phenomena. It
is not a mental concept, though it finds its avenue
through the mentality. The thought is
never separated from the thinker. The worlds
with all their myriad forms in nature are
thoughts expressed by the Absolute. You are
God’s thought, and so you also manifest love.
At the very heart of life, both universal and
individual, is the well-spring of growth, from
which all true life evolves. It is the only One,
the first cause of all, never outside Its own creation,
but self-existent, inseparable from Itself;
ever making for perfection and peace. This self
of life is sending out rays of intelligence through
its many channels, outpouring itself in infinite
variety, but always One. The great outer
enemy, the senses, would pervert, making separation
even of the expressed Being, until, as a
result of ages of ignorance, man has dared to
think of himself as a complete and separate
identity, looking on the suffering of humanity as
something outside himself, looking on God as
afar off.
God requires outflow from the great central
life. This is a law steadily working itself out
in the tiniest detail of your earth life.
Your planet holds within it fire, water, and
minerals of untold wealth, but it also holds a
great invisible interior spiritual force, creative,
reconstructive. This is thought, the outcome of
the one life, breathing through stone, rock, and
densest matter. Man limits himself by his mental
process, and hinders the upspringing of the
divine thought. (We see from our side.) Man
gets a glimpse of a truth ; he immediately begins
to make it concise, gives it a form, clothes it by
the mental process called reasoning; thus himself
closing the avenue by separation from the
whole. No truth is a part ; there is but one
truth. No man can hold all the truth. This is
a work for all time.
You would do well to unfold the capacities for
receiving by1 clearing the mind of limitations, 2
beliefs that have become bondage, and by becoming
even 3 as a little child. Otherwise you cannot
enter the kingdom. We see so much spiritual
force imprisoned behind the closed mental doors
1 Neh. iv. 10 ; 1 John iii. 3. Matt, xviii. 3.
2 Matt. v. 21-48.
of humanity. The spirit of God quickens the
intellect, for it becomes enlightened by the true 4
light. Open out to this hidden spiritual life, as
the flower is nourished into full bloom by its own
hidden forces.
Consider well the flowers of the field; they
do not toil5 in order to blossom forth. You will
become calm and steadfast, and the effect in the
end will be a great peace6 both in your body7
and in your environment. It is God that worketh8
in you to will and to do. Man’s mentality
is not the place of thought. While the holy
seed is unfolding, the work of creation begins in
you, as at the beginning of all things. God’s
thought was your planet. When the life
upsprings within you, it requires a place of
action to manifest.
That which you call imagination is the ground
for the expression of God’s thought. You will
learn to keep the imagination pure and holy, free
from the contamination of the senses; for that
which is imagined, afterwards becomes.
4 John 1. 9, viii. 12. 7 Ps. xvi. 9, cxlvii. 14.
5 Matt. vl. 28. 8 Phil. ii. 13.
6 Ps. cxix. 165.
Your Scriptures unfold the importance of this,
when they describe false imaginings, and speak
of imagining mischief.9 A pure imagination
is sometimes called ” genius.” It is the mirror
of God. Let the Christ have full control of this,
that you may awake in His likeness. It will
reveal God’s meaning to your understanding.
Your imagination is God’s best gift. The heart
and the imagination are closely related — they
act and re-act. The heart and the imagination
should be pure.10 This involves real effort, but
you will be richly rewarded. You will have the
thoughts11 of God, your mind will reflect them,
and enriched and illuminated by the Eternal, you
will be conscious of ever fresh unfoldment. You
will see, hear, and know only God. This lesson
will unfold within you while you read. God is
the only reality for all time.
9 Ps. lxii. 3. 10 Matt. v. 8. 11 Jer. xxix. 11.
SUNDAY was a day of great joy to me.
The seventh day has a deep meaning for
your planet. There is a correspondence
to your Sunday with us, for the seventh day is
the Sabbath of the Lord our God. Real prayer
is a great attraction to us; deep earnestness is
the open door for its answer. It attracts by its
magnetism, the fulness of its need. In our last
lesson I told you that the place of creation in the
individual, the spiritual ground for the projection
of thought from the divine innermost, was
the imagination.
Our next consideration is idea. First, the
eternal mind; secondly, the thought; thirdly and
lastly, the outcome of both is the idea, that which
is to become manifest in the outermost plane of
What are your ideas for the most part? Are
they only and entirely the outcome of divine
thought? Do you express the living Christ? I
want to make clear to you the omnipotence of
the divine man, and the reality of the God idea.
Try and stand with me as you read this, and look
out upon the earth plane. You will be filled
with a longing desire to fulfil all2 the law, even
as Jesus did. The end is from the beginning —
God, the end of all separation. The great Love
will leave the ninety3 and nine to bring in the
remaining one, for all4 shall be in the kingdom
of our Lord Christ.
God’s idea for your world and for you is perfection
and nothing less. There are many who
have passed from your earth still clinging to the
false idea that matter is substance, the result of
long ages of sense belief. Good spirits, often
deeply reverent and noble, they still live on the
material plane; it is to them real. They like to
see their thoughts expressed on the material
plane. This is a hindrance to them, all ig-
1 Isa. iv. 8, 9.
a Matt v. 17.
« Luke xv. 4 ; Ezek. xxxiv. 11.
4 Luke iii. 6.
norance is, as they cannot unfold to the higher
Give5 more time to quiet, that you may have
the reflection of God upon the mirror6 of your
imagination, that you too may become God’s idea,
for He has said : Be7 ye holy.” The growth
of this perfect idea has become manifest to us.
As you wait8 upon God a great underwork is going
on, and afterwards9 it beareth fruit.
Close the door of your closet against the suggestion
of the senses, that God’s Idea may manifest
in your body, for “if thine eye be single10
thy whole body shall be full of light.” Full, rich
life-blood pulsates through the heart at one with
God. This is the touch of healing, because the
vitality of the whole universe is no longer separate
but delights to pour itself through its own
God -given channels.
5 Ps. xlvi. 10. 8 Ps. lxii. 5.
6 2 Cor. iii. 18. 9 Mark iv. 26-29.
7 Lev. xi. 44. 10 Luke xi. 34-36.
MAY I help you in this chapter by giving
you some little experience of my own.
I think you know that the passing from
the earth plane is different for almost every individual,
and is entirely what each one makes it.
The birth into real life should be exactly like an
awakening on a beautiful morning when the
dawn is stealing over the land, touching everything
with a purity and freshness belonging only
to the first hours of the day. It is meant that
we should open our eyes and see God everywhere ;
just this simple, homely, all-familiar awakening
into harmony and peace. God grant that you
all may begin this experience where you are, then
you will enter the more fully into reality, when
that which is in part shall1 be done away.
The consciousness of God is stealing over the
1 1 Cor. xiii. 10.
earth, touching all things into purity and truth
by its burning, glowing love. The fire descends
and ascends, as revealed to you in the symbolic2
sacrifice of Abel. All things are revealed to you
in your Scriptures. Man has made this book the
medium of interpretation wherein God reveals
wisdom. If you only knew, you could read God
in every inspired work, but the Bible is your
rich and hallowed treasure. In this ancient
story you find the eternal truth of the two in One,
the place of meeting — a place of sacrifice. Read
I passed into the plane of realities gently.
My transition was entirely unexpected by my
friends. For this I thank God, as my dear ones
were spared the cruel anticipation and dread of
separation. This was a great help to me, as I
soon found I could comfort and help them to
something of my joy. This we can all do.
What we cannot do is to rid you of false beliefs.
This you must do for yourselves. You can never
lose your own, here or hereafter. More than
that, you find that your own is greater, your cir-
2 Heb. xi. 4. 3 Ps. cxix.
cle wider, your loved ones infinitely more beautiful
and even more familiar, for there is nothing
strange in love.
Rejoice! Have no fear. Fear is the cloud
that dims the spiritual vision. The4 angels
came to say ” Fear not.” Fear would keep you
from all that is good. It is nothing more than
an emanation from the material sense, and can
be dispelled in an instant by the perfect5 love.
Man is rising out of the fear of evil, the fear of
God, the fear of man. The truth will set you
free6 from all that separates man from God.
The very heathen are seeking God by the lowliest
worship, for in their worship is aspiration.
I discovered this when freed from the body. I
was slow to comprehend that I had passed
through the experience called death to find myself
a living and breatbing soul, never so much
alive as then. It was too much for me. I felt
overwhelmed by the reality and the unlimited
sense of things slowly dawning upon me. Was
it a delicious dream? You see, much of my false
4Matt. xxviii. 5. John viii. 32.
6 1 John iv. 18.
belief clung to me. I had expected a great, a
tremendous change in personality. I 7 forgot
that Jesus showed His hands and His feet; the
same Jesus. How slow we are to believe;8 but
when we are ready to learn, we forget all error
and ignorance and enter quickly into truth which
is our own.
Bless and thank God for the knowledge of the
wholeness and unity of the race. I tell you there
is nothing lost into which God has breathed the
breath of life. I thought also that I had not
surely gone to Heaven, for I did not seem to be
in any place. I had a new understanding, a
fresh living consciousness of God. My eyes
could see. The scales9 had fallen from my inner
vision, and love seemed the very breath of being.
It was too much to enter into. Then it was as
though I slept. Oh! how can I tell of the
awakening? Such an awakening will be yours
too! The best and highest I had ever imagined
was realized, the deepest longing of my nature
satisfied, my purest thought answered. Spir-
7 Luke xxiv. 40. 9 Acts ix. 18.
8 Luke xxiv. 25.
itual truths were no longer in some far distance,
but a part of my very self. This had always
been; the only change that had come about was
my unclouded consciousness of God. Now you
see why I give you my personal experience, that
you may know that Heaven10 is indeed within.
It was as if I had just begun real life. I was
a child with everything to learn, and from then
till now the unfoldment has never ceased. Ever
fresh visions, wider horizons, reaching after a
richer satisfaction, to find that God is without
beginning and without end. Love never rests in
enjoyment of itself. Love must pour itself out,
and a longing came to me to help those who were
coming along the road I had travelled. Oh ! to
tell them something of the indwelling11 Christ.
We love you all, and long to show you what you
possess. I want you to understand that there
is no separation between us. We are interior
inhabitants, but there are other inter-penetrating
states of existence. Of them I will not speak
10 Luke xvii. 21.
11 John XV. 4, 5; Gal. U. 20; Eph. m. 17; Col. i. 2T,
It is a great joy to be able to reach you with
these thoughts. You need not wait for Heaven.
God — Heaven — the whole of good is yours
now. Christ is God incarnate and dwells within
your heart, so near that the feeblest whisper is
heard, aye, before you speak. He12 hears and
answers, for He is behind all thought and speech.
He also fills all space.
12 isa. lxv. 24
THERE is an atmosphere of rest and
peace and much deep joy. An atmosphere
of love is the one we can most
easily enter. Everything is possible to the truly
loving disciple. Love to God and man fulfils1
every law. Love is2 the key of all knowledge,
wisdom and power. Dwell deep in this love, and
you will see as God sees. Yet even this expression
of God is imitated by the false or shadow
self of the senses.
You will learn to discriminate between inflation,
expansion, and real growth from the centre.
Every good is closely imitated in the shadow
world. Growth often means a great lack, a sense
of poverty; it is never fulsomeness nor aggressiveness.
” The meek will He guide in judgment.
The3 meek will He teach.” Learn the greatness
I Rom. xiii. 10.
2 1 Cor. xiii.
3 Ps. xxv. 9, cxlix. 4, margin of R. V.
of humility.4 The little child5 is all uncongcious
of its lowliness, its growth ; so also must
the soul be when really emerging; free from the
unreal, the outer and false self of the senses.
” Love seeketh not her own.” It should be
nothing to you that others seem to manifest more
of God. You and they may be at different stages
of unfoldment. Be content to know that God is
in the midst, and learn the secret of dwelling
in friendly darkness, that your roots may go
deep down ; for during the time of hiddenness 6
a great work is going on. The soul that seeks
nourishment from the true Self becomes strong.
Learn from the parable of 7 the house built on
the sand, and let nothing hinder this deep work
of the soul. Know that all is well, though no
result is seen.
Seek the silence, love all men, bless all; thus
do you make right conditions for growth. Unknown
to you, there are outer conditions arranging
themselves in harmony with the hidden work,
4 1 Pet. v. 5 ; Col. iii. 12 ; Matt. v. 3, 5.
5 Matt, xviii. 4.
6 1 Cor. iv. 5.
7 Matt. vii. 26, 27.
and your whole future depends upon the true
foundation being cleared of false building matter,
wrong thinking and wrong actions, self-aggrandizement,
not true material. There is no
other foundation8 than the Christ of God, the
true self. That which is unreal must sooner or
later be swept into nothingness. You are just
where you are in order to do this work. Spirit
is the only true substance, and our lessons will
teach you how to build. God cannot fail if you
are alive to Christ within, and dead to all else.
You may know the unreal by its self-seeking, by
the desire for adulation, praise and self-glory.
” Be not deceived, God is not mocked.”
8 1 Cor. iii. 11. 9 Rom. vi 11. 10 Gal. vi. 7.
THERE is always a moment in life when
we differentiate between the material
and the spiritual. It happens in a variety
of ways. Thomas1 dropped the false belief
immediately, when he saw the truth; material
beliefs dropped entirely away and never
ruled him afterwards. Pilate knew, when face
to face with Christ, that he could never touch
the real life, although he delivered Jesus over
to the people. He had seen the eternal Christ
when alone with Him. The whole of truth is
beyond your present comprehension. No man
can touch truth or stay the new vision now opening
up to the eyes of men.
One of the great hindrances to understanding
is fast slipping away — the old belief in the solidity
of matter. There is no such thing as solidity
1 John xx. 27, 28. 3 John xix. 11.
2 Luke xxiii. 25.
in or on the planet. The instant you ceased to
be vibratory, your body would disintegrate and
fly off the planet. Spirit is substance, and is
not subservient to natural law. Perpetual motion
is the key to the attraction of atoms. The
whole planetary system is a vortex of convolutions,
orderly and continuous. True, man’s material
body is formed of the dust of the earth,
though with eternal wisdom and harmonious
wholeness. Your body holds in its material
form an infinitesimal atom or grain of every part
of the globe. You cannot behold anything in
that material world of which you are not a part.
You are a part of the three kingdoms — mineral,
vegetable, and animal. Thus man in the natural
world has rule4 over all. This is not so of any
other earth-life, as each animal is distinctly and
only an animal, but man in the process of the
ages has come up through all, that he may possess
and have rule over all.
You are not matter. You cannot become material,
and you must not be deceived by material
appearances. Although the value of matter in
4 Gen. i. 26.
relation to your spiritual evolution is very great,
yet I would have you know that spiritual laws
are supreme. Your body should be perfect, for
is it not a magnificent vehicle5 for the spiritual
form? While in the flesh, you learn to use spiritual
weapons. When you enter the interior and
spiritual world, you will know that faith was
made real to you. While in the flesh you should
reach out for that which is behind the visible.
Faith, the6 strongest principle, is made your
own by your simple trust, though you knew nothing
of the reality.
Oh! the greatness of faith, the7 power and
might of it ! Have faith, for only by it can you
rise to spiritual heights, and your earth experience
is the best, nay, the only means of revealing
you to yourself. Have faith in God, faith in
man, faith in all good. We on this side in very
truth have found that faith can remove mountains.
It is literally true that the whole landscape
before your eyes can be obliterated by faith.
5 1 Cor. iii. 16, 17, vi. 19.
6 Matt. xvii. 20 ; Mark xl. 23, 24.
7 Heb. xi.
This is a law ; I will explain. You see now only
in part that the things before you, houses,
churches, etc., are the outcome of man’s limited
thought. He has been dimly working out a spiritual
idea. The spiritual idea is the only fact,
and not the bricks and mortar. There is really
only the spiritual conception of a home, a church,
a road, and with the eye of faith you could see
the real only, for I assure you again that the
spiritual is the only real.
In many instances the real is utterly unlike
the appearance. It is so much more beautiful,
for man is always working out the idea of God.
Now you have this understanding, you can sympathize
with an artist who says: This building
or picture is only the faintest conception
of my idea.” If he could only have the eye of
faith he would see before him the complete spiritual
thought expressed, and he would be overcome
with gladness and delight. Thus at present
you see through a glass darkly, ever reaching
beyond the seen and the felt, that you may unfold
the spiritual perception through mist and
cloud, ever cheered by the hope of realization.
It is a wonderful time for you now. You are
growing wings and preparing the spiritual body
for its real existence.
Now, for your body I would have you use the
eye of faith, that you may bring into operation
the higher spiritual law. Your thought and idea
become an outward manifestation. You become
your own idea, but remember, it is you yourselves
who open to the higher laws. It is for you
to say, ” Thy will be done in me ” ; it is no longer
for the senses, but for Christ 8 in you, to will and
to do. Creation is God manifest in the flesh.
God is with you.
8 Phil. ii. 13.
I SUPPOSE if people only knew the true
value of thought they would be amazed to
find that every thought is as powerful
as a deed, and in many cases far more
effective than any word or weapon. Yes, it is
your innermost and highest thought that makes
you; always remembering that thought is the
consciousness of the absolute will. You are
judged by what you are, and not by what you
seem to be. The judgment bar is the innermost
of yourself. It is the judgment bar of God, and
when our actions are tested there, the voice will
cast into1 outer darkness that which is not of itself.
Thank God, you may enrich the kingdom of
heaven, for many, many times the voice says,
” Come,2 ye blessed of my Father.” Yea, truly
1 Matt. xxii. 13. 2 Matt. xxv. 34.
our thoughts do enter Heaven. You will find
your treasure3 where your heart is — with God.
In very truth a man’s treasure is the continual
outpouring of God’s thought, and I tell you that
God is enriched by your co-operation. Let His
thought be your thought, and say in the spirit of
prayer : ” The Father and I are 4 one.”
Do I seem to repeat platitudes? Read them
again in your moments of sacred consecration,
until the Christ within is the only voice, till all
that is unreal and shadowy has passed away,
even as the melted snow. I am glad to meet you
on the spiritual plane. You need to thank God
for this, In the very place where you are, if you
could only see, you would find your own. I can
voice your prayer — Lord, that 5 I may receive
my sight.” You know the answer. Jesus Christ
left every detail to you, and to the spirituallyminded
I say: His words are spirit.6 They are
life. I would say to all : Pray without ceasing7
the life prayer. Live in God in the smallest
detail. Do not think the results you see are the
3 Matt. vi. 21. 6 John vi. 63.
4 .John x. 30. 7 Thess. v. 17.
5 Mark x. 51.
only results ; there is not one good word that is
fruitless. Believe this and have courage. The
very desire to help, if really unselfish and pure,
is immediate help.
I have come along your path, and I would
help you to know the golden, the priceless boon
of right and holy living. Pause! Consider well
the command until it comes from your own heart.
Be ye holy, for8 I am holy.” As you prayerfully
express this, you will stand renewed, recreated,
alive to the possibilities of God within.
There are moments when we breathe the same
air. You know them. Follow the spiritual understanding
only. You now have victory over
the less real, through the Christ of God.
The human race is God’s eternal Son. I want
you to reach the highest bliss possible to you on
earth, and in the flesh ; that is, to hear the voice
from Heaven say : ” This is my beloved, in9
whom I am well pleased.”
Study the life of Jesus, and the veil will10 be
removed more and more, until the sublime sacri-
8 Lev. xix. 2. 10 2 Cor. iii. 15, 16.
9 Luke iii. 22.
fice is revealed in all its greatness, the offering
up of all to save all, and so to make the union of
man with God complete. Do you not see the
greatness of surrender? What you possess is of
no value until it is given for the whole, for we
are One in Him and not separate from the universal
life ; it is the basis or ground of all. You
are maimed and hurt because of sin and suffering
in your brother man, and again and again
must the Son of Man be crucified until the great
at-one-ment with God takes place.
Your work is to co-operate with God, existing
only in and drawing only from the real, the spiritual,
that you may be trees11 of healing, that
you may out-breathe God. Even as in the natural
body you breathe to live, so also you must
take deep breaths from the spiritual centre, that
your whole being may be invigorated and revitalized.
So much is in your own hands.
I must remind you that regret or sadness hinders
the forgiveness of God. God blots out12
the sins of the past by a fresh inflow of everlasting
love. He only asks for your need of Him
11 Rev. xx. 2. 12 Ps. ciii. 3.
that He may fill13 to overflowing with Himself.
Watch and pray.14 Again — watch.
13 Matt. v. 6. 14 Matt. xxvi. 41.
I SEE you are theorizing: never do this, but
let the truth unfold gradually and without
suggestion from outside. To make
conclusions is to close the avenue and separate
truth from itself. Nothing outside can ever help
you or reveal anything until it finds its answer in
What is space? You are learning on the
physical plane something of the rapidity of
thought transference. Have you ever asked
yourself what is between you and the mind you
would influence? Positive thought knows nothing
of distance.1 It cannot be broken or interfered
with. There is nothing that can touch its
current, for there really is no distance. The only
necessity is the condition of receptivity. Simple,
good thought, sent out without any special
direction, is caught up in the stream of good and
1 John i. 48, iv. 52.
helps all. Nothing is lost in the thought world.
Space is a false and wrong idea, belonging to
separation. Let your hearts and minds rest undisturbed
in the thought of the omnipresence of
God, until, even in the flesh, you may come to
realize that there is no space or distance, for you
dwell in2 God and there is absolutely nothing
outside God.
The sense mind would cloud or hide the vision,
but NOW you are in “the secret place of3 the most
High.” ” The tabernacle of God is with4 men.”
In all your afflictions5 He is made to suffer.
Even as the rivers flow out and refresh the earth,
gaining fresh life and power as they do their
work of purification, even so bring into the outer
life the unseen and spiritual substance. Use
every opportunity to live that which you know,
and let your lives flow out and bless every brother
and sister. We long to see your divisions swept
away by the ocean of love welling up in human
hearts and lives.
2 Acts xvii. 28. 5 Isa. lx. 9.
3 Ps. xci. 1. 6 Luke vi. 46,
4 Rev. xxi. 3,
ALL you have ever prayed, longed, and
hoped for exists. So mighty is good.
You are laying up treasure1 where there
is no corruption, and all your good is your real
wealth. You are making your future home, and
your future self, by the way you live now. Rejoice
that your names are written2 in Heaven.
We would fill you with more hope and joy. The
souls that have perceived something of the illumination
from the light of all men have been
overwhelmed by the knowledge of the possibilities
of their own lives.
Let us come very near in our understanding
of omnipresence. God, who3 fills all space,
knows nothing of past or future, but is eternally
present. He is Alpha and Omega, the same
yesterday and for ever. The whole human race
1 Matt vi. 19. 3 Jer. xxiii. 24.
2 Luke x. 20. 4 Rev. xxi. 6.
is meant to understand this. Let me explain.
You sometimes wonder at what seems loss of
memory in us. We can recall anything of good
that we wish. We learn the higher spiritual
laws very quickly, and there is one that is best
explained by the words ” All time is the present.’
At once we cease to hurry, a great strain drops
from us, all is ours, and we must take our own.
To some who are here this blessed truth is a great
part of their Heaven. When the eager souls,
who imagine they must do a certain amount in
a given space of time, discover this, the effect on
them is to renew their energies, unfold wider
prospects, and service becomes a rest. They
truly begin to live. To the weary heart the present
is enough. To live on the spiritual plane is
to live in reality, not spasmodically and in limits.
Pause and think — How can time be divided?
Day and night are explained to us as the inflow
into and the outflow from the ocean of ever-present
time. It is a wise law — the eternal present,
the glorious Now a rest and a joy, a satisfaction
too full to make us wish to look backward or
forward, since we know that all is well. The
sufficiency is the actual present. Think over
this carefully, that your joy may be full. “I5
AM “ is the present tense for all time.
This beneficent and merciful consciousness is
the outcome of love. Just think a moment what
the effect of entering into this realization would
be on your earth. To draw the very next breath
direct from God, with no past memory of wrongs
or sins, filled only with the knowledge of the
great love-life, assimilating all the good into the
present, living the blessed now : think what it
would mean. This is what Christ teaches you.
To say, ” Lazarus, come6 forth,” was to speak
from the spiritual plane, realizing only the present
Do you not see here the true secret of eternal
youth, each stage of unfoldment opening up a
richer, riper youth? I am the Lord, I7 change
not. Open your eyes and see this wondrous
truth. You can be just as much of God as you
are prepared to manifest. Even now you hold
within yourself the accumulated good of all the
ages. Christ the Son of God in the heart of
5 Ex. Iii.. 14. 6 John xi. 43. 7 Mal. iii. 6.
humanity reaches out to man until he awakes to
divine consciousness.
The seven acts of Christ become actual to man,
instead of belonging to a past period. He experiences
the birth, the awakening in the Temple,
the anointing, the temptation, the crucifixion,
the resurrection, and the ascension.
Christ 8 must be in you; nothing avails man from
the outside, all is from within. Thank God for
Jesus Christ, ” the unspeakable gift “9 of God.
The evolution of one soul exalts the whole race.
‘ That10 they all may be one.’
The understanding of time as a present fact
would remove false ideas of inherited ill. In
order to bring this higher law into action on the
sense plane, the mind would at once cease to uphold
the working out of ignorance and sin; yet
at the same time it would not alter the effect
of past cause, seeing that only the good that man
does has any real vitality. The sense of physical
law makes both good and evil seem of equal
power. Good must overcome11 evil by its own
8 Col. i. 27. 10 John xvii. 11.
9 2 Cor. ix. 15. 11 Dan. iv. 27 ; Rom. xii. 21.
vitality. In truth, it is the real and the only
real. Realize the present. As you read you will
Peace to all.
OMNIPRESENCE (continued)
SO that you may the better understand everpresent
time, I will make this statement,
which is absolute truth : no time has passed
since our last lesson, it was and is now. Man
and not God made yesterday and will make tomorrow.
This is to you the seventh month in the
year 1907. It is the day on which Christ was
born, and it is the only day that has ever been.
Time cannot pass. There is no past. Man is a
new creation by the power of the living Christ.
You may not understand at once, but you will.
Can you conceive of Christ ageing? Have you
never discovered the wonderful fact in the
thought of the eternal youth of the Christ? As
Christ is, even so1 are we, although it doth not
yet appear2 to physical or mortal sense.
You speak of us as the unreal. The truth is
1 1 John iv. 17. 2 1 John iii. 2.
quite the reverse. We are on the only real plane,
and your physical plane or plane of the senses is
to us the unreal or the shadow. We find many
vital laws exactly the opposite of those in operation
on your plane. You are there to bring into
manifestation spiritual laws, and Christ showed
you this possibility. Water was not able to engulf
spirit when spirit was absolutely controlling
the physical atoms. There shall no evil or accident
befall thee, nor any sickness come nigh
thy tabernacle (or body) . Your sicknesses, your
disasters, are the result of your descent, or rather
of your wrong plane of being. The Fall is a
present and not a past fact. Man’s real fall is
that he is content with the shadow of good. He
still eats of the tree of good and evil, and until
the Christ fills the whole consciousness, man will
ever be at war with himself, his brother, and his
Man’s understanding is clearer, and light is
breaking everywhere. You can read your Old
Testament more intelligently, seeing in the sym-
3 John vi. 19. 5 Gen. iii.
4 Ps. xci. 10.
bols the inner and spiritual ideas of God. The
waters of6 Marah were bitter; this was the result
of the bitterness of the people. Man makes
the quality of the land; the flow of waters increases
or decreases according to laws hidden
within yourselves. You have made the very form
of your island, England, by your thoughts and
inner forces. Look to it that you obey the voice
of spirit, for man was made to have dominion.7
The very changes of climate, all seeming disasters,
are in accord with the life and being of man,
and until man has come into and unto God, back
to Eden, you will seem to wait for the new
Heaven and the new Earth, ” for in that day
they shall neither hurt nor destroy in all My
Holy8 Mount.” I have lifted the veil that you
may see the need of giving the utmost for the
highest. Blessed be God for Jesus Christ, the
Son of Man and Son of God.
In the story of the bitterness of Marah is a
hidden truth : ingratitude and murmuring
brought bitterness. It is the same today. Your
6 Ex. xv. 23. 8 isa. xi. 9, lxv. 25.
7 Gen. i. 26.
thoughts, if they are the suggestions of the senses,
will still lead to bitterness and ashes. Learn
the secret of praise and thanksgiving, the oil
of9 joy. Even in the wilderness experience the
waters shall10 be sweet. You shall partake of
the milk and11 honey. The12 manna is at your
very feet, enough for each day, for Christ is that
heavenly13 manna. Feed on Him in your heart
by faith.
The very gifts you seek are poured out in rich
abundance. Lift up your eyes and see. Just
inasmuch as you yield to the divine innermost,
as you live and bring forth the fruit of14 the
spirit, to that extent shall you have access to all
that earth and heaven can yield. There15 is no
want to the children of God. There are times
on the physical plane when the way is hid,16 and
the heavens seem as brass. You can open the
floodgates by steady thanksgiving and certain
hope. If you only knew, the closed doors are
9 Isa. ixi. 3. 14 Gal. v. 22.
10 Ex. xv. 25. 15 Ps. xxxiv. 10.
11 Ex. iii. 8. 16 Isa. xl. 27.
12 Ex. xvi. 18. 17 Phil. iv. 6.
13 John vi. 51.
the senses, brought up against a wall of their
own construction, a wall of doubt, fear, and
falsity. A breath of the spirit of God consumes
them. You are greater than shadow, sense, or
clay. Having your feet on the Rock, they cannot
slide. God is with you. Complete harmony
will be realized, for God is working out His divine
purpose in you.
TIIE world around, or rather the visible
world, is, as you know, full of wonderful
possibilities, though yet imperfect,
because unconquered ; illusory and shadowy only
because man has not reached the crown of being.
As man evolves, the whole material plane is
lifted into a higher condition. The seasons depend
on God in man, and are according to the inner
mind. The world is wild and lawless in
some regions, so much so that man is subject to
the nature or world spirit. Misused energy and
uncontrolled force call for lord and master, as
the trees of old asked for a king1 to reign over
If you read this parable carefully, you wall find
much hidden truth. God made man to rule and
to have all things subject to him. The world is
1 Judg. ix. 8.
gradually learning some of these higher mysteries.
If you had a tree or plant under your
control, in time it would respond, and assume
its highest possible form, on condition you became
at one with its hidden laws, and you are
meant to become this. I merely give you this
simple truth to lead you higher. The physical
world is governed by its own forces and passions,
and not by the spiritual, the only real. For the
teaching of this very lesson Jesus stilled the
storm with the word ” Peace,” since He had
control over His own natural and physical self,
and afterwards used the God-given right of dominion.
You are the channels through which
the divine will and energy manifests its one self.
To effect this you must become selfless and at
one, for the Lord thy God is one Lord and not
There are spiritual treasures hidden in your
earth awaiting your appropriation. These wonders
and glories are unrevealed to the physical
or fallen man. Cain stands as the symbol for
the spiritually blind; he speaks the truth when
2 Mark iv. 39. 3 Gen. i. 26. 4 Deut. vi. 4.
he says : “My5 punishment is greater than I
can bear.” Christ your Redeemer is leading
you back to your own. You are alive to the
truth of being — the omnipotence of God in
You are now learning that the natural and
sense body can have no control, but should manifest
wholeness and love. There is a great and
glorious work to be done on your plant: the
Christ work of6 healing — and this is possible
to all who have spiritual control. We urge you
to do your part. God never fails, and victory
is yours. You will know exactly how to act as
the need arises. Take no thought7 — only in all
things obey the spirit, and never for a moment
allow the senses to suggest failure, fear, or doubt.
On all occasions speak to the senses the8 word
of power — ” Get9 thee behind me, Satan.”
God10 waits to pour Himself out. I say you can
prove Him. He never fails or makes a mistake.
Do you not see what a beautiful work awaits
5 Gen. iv. 13. 8 Luke vii. 7.
6 Matt. x. 8. 9 Matt. xvi. 23.
7 Matt x. 19. 10 Mal. iii. 10.
you? You11 receive by giving. The more you
bless, the greater the power of blessing.
Love is the greatest of all healers, and finds
its own way.
11 Luke vi. 38.
OH, the inexpressible joy of vision!
There is nothing higher or more satisfying.
You shall know how to speak
and heal in proportion as you live up to the highest
within you.
Renunciation1 implies a complete and deliberate
stand for truth, abandoning all else.
It is the step which, once taken, opens up before
you the Christ existence. It is not, as supposed,
the giving up of 2 wealth, position, and friends,
to become poor and desolate; it is rather withdrawal
from submission and obedience to the
prince of3 this world — the creation of mortal
sense — that you may deliberately follow the
Christ in3 every thought, renouncing all other
rights over you. Thus renunciation becomes ac-
1 Matt. x. 39. 3 John xiv. 30.
2 Matt. xvi. 24. 4 2 Cor. x. 5.
quisition. You lay down in order to5 take up,
but with a great difference.
Hitherto life has seemed a vast arena, where
some are winners and some losers, where all who
can fight may win, where the battle is to the
strong. In this great game of life man gives
all to win all, that he may become greater than
all ; for him there is nothing beyond. This plane
is of the senses. It is the plane of death and
finality. The forces of the sense plane control
him, and that which has happened to him is
worse than death. It is the loss of individuality.
The spiritual man has failed to develop in
that form, and must seek another. Thus the
mortal has not become immortalized, and is
known no more. This is true, and we tell it in
order that you may understand the real meaning
of the death of the sinner. The preservation
of your individuality depends upon yourself —
that you become the creation of God, a perfect
man, a perfect woman, depends on your coming
definitely to the place of renunciation,6 which is
6 John x. 18. 6 Phil. iii. 7, 8.
for you the beginning of life. I7 am come that
you may have life, says Christ, and not death.
You possess nothing of the sense world. You
are a spiritual being, sent out from God to do
His work and will. The material plane is your
place of action, and your work commences with
the dawning consciousness of God. Your Scriptures
are full of this teaching; Jesus has gone
every step of the way for your guidance. There
are pathfinders in your midst today. Follow
ME,8 says Christ, and the spiritual and real man
renounces all, to follow the King.
How we love your earth! How we long to
lift you into true life, but the great and eternal
law stands for ever. No man can walk along
this path, till he has made the renunciation of
his own will ; by this choice man proves to man
his right to divinity. To enter into truth, he
renounces all that the world can give. You are
on the spiritual plane to bring the kingdom of
heaven into unity with earth, that we may all be
one. Thus you see how important it is to live
7 John x. 10.
8 Luke ix. 59; John xxi. 22.
every moment in the only real. We hope to
teach you much; as you enter in, you must be
full of that confidence which is the offspring of
At present you are to conquer9 the fleshly
body, ruling in love, but always ruling. There is
a beautiful work before you. Jesus said : ” The
Prince of this world cometh and hath nothing
in Me.” These were words of life and power.
These may be your words too, so that nothing
can touch you, hidden in God, doing His work
and willing His will. You may reach the place
-where you no longer hear two voices, but one
only — that of the living Christ.
9 Rom. viii. 11.
WE have a glorious message for your
plane, and our words are winged.
They come with power and influence
to all in need. You must have singleness1 of
heart, and the consecrated life, to be the pure
channel which God desires. Is it not worth while
to voice the highest and to bear the light? Our
message is for the world of pain and suffering,
and for you, too ; wholeness and perfection2 are
God’s intention. Our message will teach you
how to attain. Every spiritual value must be
desired,3 must be lived. Our thought for you
must become embodied, lived, manifested, expressed,
to all men. The two conditions we ask,
that we may teach you, are that you become willing
and obedient. Your life shall help all you
meet, cannot fail to do so, because you cannot
1 Matt. v. 8. 3 John xiii 17.
2 Matt v. 48.
grow without drawing others with you. This is
God’s perfect plan for the redemption of the
The seed dies4 in order to live, and becomes
hidden, that it may manifest from within.
Out of darkness — light. Out of weakness —
There is a wave of disturbance, a spiritual volcano,
about to discharge itself on your earth.
Be not dismayed; unrest and energy only prove
that inherent life is at work. God’s wheels must
not clog. By all the wars and signs of the times,
know5 that the Day of the Lord is at hand, your
own Lord and Christ, the indwelling and potent
Christ of God. Marvel not, ye6 must be born
of water and of the spirit. This I may explain
to you later. The7 keys of the Kingdom are in
your hands. Out of chaos and confusion there
will come peace and order to your earth. The
wars of the nations are the birth pangs of a new
era, and the consciousness of the race will be
lifted by the pain and agony of the refiner’s fire.
4 1 Cor. xv. 36. 6 John iii. 5.
• Matt xxiv. 6. 7 Matt xvi. 19.
In the hearts of those who have attained the
Christ consciousness there will be rest and glorious
hope, for they shall see the new dawn arising
when Christ who is our light shall reign. His
kingdom cometh for ever and ever.
WE were discussing the journey of spirit
through matter and its goal. This
knowledge is valuable to students at
your stage of evolution. You have learned the
truth of Being, your high calling,1 and some of
the first steps in the great path. When a traveller
is going into strange country he is sometimes
brought to a seeming stop by huge tracts of forest
land, tremendous rivers, and mountainous
heights. The spiritual life has up to the present
been one shared with others of like thought
and habit as yourselves. Some of you are seeking
farther on, and this means that you are called
as Abraham was, alone2 and in faith. Only the
called see the burning bush3 and hear the great
I Am.4 One of the obstacles we want to help
you to overcome is the mystery of the Incarna-
1 Phil. iii. 14. 8 Ex. iii. 2.
2 Gen. xii. 1. 4 Ex. iii.14.
tion, or, as we stated at the first — the journey
of the spirit. To woman5 and to woman alone
came this understanding, and it will be again revealed
to the feminine in this new age. Woman
is having her true place in revelation and prophecy,
and to woman shall the great mystery be
made known.
You have learned through previous lessons
that there is perfect unity between God and
man. This consciousness is slowly and surely
dawning over the whole earth. Now, only by
keeping this truth in mind can you comprehend
our lesson. Even as God and man are one, so
also there must of necessity be one only, and in
this one is the all, manifesting through every
channel. God is the two in one, of both natures,
ever self-creative, and the ultimate end of our
race is unity. All life was symbolized by the
life of Jesus Christ in every particular. He
came of the perfect unity of the two natures.
Mary symbolizes this truth, and here we would
say — lest any err by worship, or undue adoration
of type or personality — that Mary was the
5 Luke i. 38.
body of flesh used for this holy manifestation, for
the teaching of the world, and not because of her
separate worth. Seeing that the outer self is a
separation, it cannot be known as the complete
The race is rising to a knowledge of the purity
of God, the sinlessness and love, wherein is harmony,
and some here and there are learning that
the age of passion, desire, and lust is passing
away. There is stealing over men’s hearts the
love-nature of God. It is through our love-nature
that we learn the complete allness of God.
He is making of the twain one flesh ; this is the
marriage of the two natures. Jesus Christ was
born directly from the two in one — as He willingly
chose to take up the life on earth, from
the beginning. In every way He stands for our
race — man. Yes, Jesus was6 God incarnate,
and we7 shall be like Him. He was creative,
His seed is in8 all, the holy child must first be
born in you ere you can comprehend this mystery.
Life is a spiritual essence. Birth is a spiritual
6 1 Tim. iii. 16. 8 Gal. iv. 19.
7 1 John iii. 2.
fact, invisible at present to mortal eye. Jesus
of Nazareth was God-Man, coming by the path of
the one body of flesh.
Let us make quite clear that God has always9
been manifest in the world. The coming of
Jesus was the symbol of the supreme wholeness
and perfection of man by the Christ of God.
Learn by this wondrous life the love of God and
the great unity. I10 and the Father are one.
When you have risen out of your false belief
in separateness, and know in your heart that
God is ALL in ALL, then, and then only, will you
glide out of the false consciousness of sin, suffering,
and pain, leaving it like a worn-out garment,
rising into purer life, renewed and regenerated.
Our next lesson will be ” Mind, and its possibilities.”
9 Acts xiv. 17. 10 John x. 30.
EVERY condition of mind always brings
about an outward manifestation even on
the sense plane, and the separate self has
power over its own environment Thus, we will
say, you think, you act, you become. Man is
constantly clothing himself with1 his thoughts,
but these truths are familiar to you, and I want
to lead you to the higher possibilities of the mind
that is supreme in truth; the only mind, the
mind of2 Christ. The Psalmist, groping after
this great truth, cries out : ” Why art3 thou so
heavy, O my soul? For I will yet praise Him
Who is the health of my countenance and my
Around you are people in a condition of sickness,
imperfection, and want, some of them Christians,
as regards the following of the personal
1 Prov. xxiii. 7. 3 Ps. xliii. 5.
2 Phil. 11. 5.
Jesus, but they have not made the great discovery
of the indwelling Lord. There is no state of
ignorance too low for the renewal of life and
health. Those who throw off the body prematurely
are just as culpable as suicides, and ignorance
is not counted as innocence, since the
light is in4 all men — at some time or other the
knowledge comes. I am speaking now only to
readers of this book. You have no right to allow
sin and death to reign in5 your mortal bodies.
The vital question for you is — How to become
alive to the mind of Christ and dead to the mind
of sense? Let me here say that you have passed
from death into life spiritually, but your work
is less than half done if you have not conquered
death6 in your body of flesh. You have become
clothed in the flesh that you may manifest God,
and you have failed seriously if you allow anything
to hide or blur the outer garment, which
should manifest wholeness and love.
Now we come to the beginnings. You thought
your body must suffer and die. Cease your
4 John i. 9. 6 1 Cor. xv. 26.
5 Rom. vi.12,
thinking, and let Christ think. I am come that
they might have full, rich, abundant life.7
Wherever Jesus went, disease dissolved into nothingness;
at His touch wholeness8 sprang up.
Your body should be willingly laid down when
you have learned life’s lessons, and when you are
ready for the interior life. You will not escape
the ills of the flesh even when you kill your present
body, if you have failed to obtain your earth
experience ; for the soul has failed to use its faculties,
to acquire, to obey some divine law, and
therefore loses an opportunity to express divinity,
the true purpose of incarnation. There is
no finer school for this experience, which we set
out to gain, than this earth life. We must enter
into the Christ consciousness if we would express
the body of wholeness.
Since the mind is the seat of pain, do you not
see that unless you have the mind of Christ you
cannot acquire it by freedom from the body of
flesh only? It is more difficult to conquer on the
plane of spirit, in fact, you will long to come
back. Just where you are is the place to learn ;
7 John x. 10. 8 Matt iv. 23.
therefore we who love you come to help you at
your present stage, not only for your sake, but
in order that the great Self, of which we are a
part, may not be ignorantly hidden.
Begin by opposing sense suggestion. You are
not born to suffer and decay, but are here for a
purpose. There is a reason for your place in
the great plan of life, and no one else can do your
work. Reject the suggestion that you have difficult
circumstances, that your environment
makes triumph impossible. These very conditions
can be made steps of ascent; you can begin
now to readjust your life. Every sense suggestion
must be reasonably and carefully dealt with, not
ignorantly denied, or it will crop up again and
again. Therefore answer with patience and
sweet reasonableness. You will find that this
is the very opportunity for the higher Self to
speak. Many9 join with us, as you read these
words, in prayer and strong encouragement that
you fail not. Begin as we suggest, in the simplest
way, to realize that it is God10 that worketh
in you to will and to do.
9 Heb. xii. 1. 10 2 Chron. xx. 17.
We hope to continue the teaching of the possibilities
of mind in future lessons, and our next
lesson will be ” Personality.” I am taking this
subject because you must carefully and daily,
even hourly, as you count time, follow the suggestions
given, always remembering Christ in
you, the Lord of all.
HUMANITY shrinks, and rightly so, from
any thought of strangeness or loss, and
any thought that occasions shrinking or
pain should be quietly and peacefully dropped,
without strife or resistance. I can tell you for
a certainty that you will retain your personality
just as long as you need it, and you will need it
much longer yet. I am allowed to say to you
that the meeting with your loved ones will be
sweetly familiar, a great deal better than you
can imagine, for they and you will be enriched
by the love between you. Your loss is always
gain. You can help them by your love and
prayer, and they help you; think often of them.
Bless them and become conscious of unity, which
is a blessed reality. There is nothing untoward
or strange ; you are here just what you have made
1 Matt v. 39.
yourselves, and they who love you would not
have you with them until you have finished. In
fact, you are near them now, but the veil or covering
is over you at present.
Love — Love — Love. This is a potent force.
It would not meet the demands of your present
nature to arrive suddenly at the end of being,
since everything in God’s plan is in perfect order.
There must be gradual unfoldment and gentle
awakening; even after the spirit ceases to need
its personal form, it can always resume it at will.
Paul,2 who was allowed to enter the interior
realms, tells you that the inner man is3 renewed
day by day in an identity peculiarly your own,
and exactly resembling you as you appeared, except
that you have added the spiritual qualities,
refining and defining all the highest and best.
This, too, is a covering or resurrection body, and
it is clothed in 4 white raiment to appear before
mortal eyes.
As your Scriptures tell you repeatedly, the
continuity of life is5 no more broken when the
2 2 Cor. xii. 2. 4 John xx. 12.
3 2 Cor. iv. 16. 5 2Tim. i. 10.
breath leaves the body than is the continuity of
child life broken by the incident of birth. It is
the means by which life is liberated, becoming
more intense. Memory exists, although we
have learned the power to dissolve into nothingness
— this is true forgetfulness — all that is not
of use. But I would have you know that you are
greater than your form, that you have no limit,
that you take limitations for purposes at present
hidden from you, that true personality is not the
fleshly form or a separate body, but, by reason
of its greatness, is best manifested in part.
Paul, who had learned this mystery, tells you
plainly that ” the body is for the Lord, and the
Lord for the body,” therefore it is quite clear
that the body or form is only a part of the great
whole, the mystic body of Christ. Paul also had
revealed to him the omnipresence of man, as he
was present in spirit with the Church of Corinth
while his body8 was visible in another place.
Always bear in mind that to us there is neither
time nor space.
6 Luke xvi. 28. 8 1 Cor. v. 3.
7 1 Cor. vl. 18.
I told you at the beginning that your Scriptures
could reveal the highest, and you will find
more and more that we only present to you in a
new light the truth which was from the beginning,
so that you may see life from higher standpoints,
with renewed vision, new hopes, and
moving in loftier spheres of thought and experience.
Now you begin to see that the Lord Christ possesses
the body of flesh, through which you choose
to manifest; 9 and there is no reason why it
should not readily respond, unless you yield to
the great enemy, the false belief in separateness.
This enemy is symbolized in the story of the
Garden of Eden, the separation from God. The
lower self would become even as the gods, though
in the words — “Hear, O10 Israel, the Lord thy
God is One Lord ” — it was taught that we are
one, that separate or outer forms never can
finally overrule the One God. God requires perfection,
therefore if we would rise to this consciousness
we must begin with our lower self to
bring it into obedience and subjection to the one
9 1 Cor.iii. 16 ; 1 Cor. vi. 19. 10 1 Deut. vi. 4.
Ruler, and as we do this we learn what our true
personality is. We shall not accomplish this
great purpose without constant watchfulness11
and wholeheartedness,12 giving all to gain all,
ready at every turn to sacrifice the lower self,
that we may become selfless and free.
11 Mark xiii. 37. 12 Mark xii. 30.
“Let him deny himself and follow Me”
HOW often we have to remind you of the
truth you have already learnt! Spirit
is the only substance; exactly as the sap
is the true life of the tree, so also your spiritual
being is the cause of your natural existence.
You can never impart a truth until it has become
alive within yourself. We have many things to
tell you about the life here, but at present your
highest good is to learn the truths best applicable
to your present conditions.
When I speak of the wholeness of the race and
the mystical body, I do not want to give you
wrong ideas about your individual responsibility.
Each member is a complete worker. What you
see on the plane of the senses is to us shadowy,
vague, and often meaningless. You are to make
real, to create, to bring into existence, spiritual
realities by living on the only real plane of life.
This is to1 bring in the new heaven and the new
earth. Your spiritual eyes will open gradually,
not into an unfamiliar environment, but into an
intensely real life, wherein dwelleth2 righteousness.
We are working all over the world in bands to
establish true unity and brotherhood. We shall
succeed if you will unite with us. Is it not worth
while? True unity is not to separate heaven
from earth, but to bring the kingdom of heaven
on to earth. For this we labour and pray —
watch and wait — and we shall never cease until
the Lord Christ has come to His own, the Christ
of God who spake with the lips of Jesus; the
Christ of God who dwells within, the great deliverer
of mankind from the bondage of sin, flesh,
and the world of sense. For the Son of man
must indeed be lifted up,3 and the false man of
sense become as nought, that we all may be
one — for Christ is God. Clearly you see the
1 Rev. xxi. 1. 3 John xii. 32.
3 Peter iii. 13.
importance of denying self and following the
voice and guidance of Christ!
In the morning of your day commence by
cleansing your heart from within (the cleansing
of the body follows as his shadow follows a man
in the full sunshine) . First cast out false thinking,
prejudice, thoughts of sickness, fear and
pain, by true reasoning and simple, childlike
faith in God. As you rise, your thoughts should
be of strength, love, a strong desire to bless.
Now follows your prayer, a free and full consecration
of all for good, that God only may be
glorified, a prayer of steadfast assurance — Take
no4 thought what ye shall eat or what ye shall
put on. The life is more than meat, the body
than raiment. It is true that God will supply5
your every need. In all your thoughts and deeds,
your intercourse with personalities, remember
that you are on the plane of spirit, seeking first
the6 kingdom of God, the only reality.
Oh, you are rich beyond human language!
Leave your chamber “strong in7 the Lord and
4 Matt vi. 25. 6 Matt. vi. 33.
5 Phil. iv. 19. 7 Eph. vi. 10.
in the power of His might.” Let your whole being
join in the only true life-work — ” That they8
all may be one.”
Amen, Amen, Amen.
8 John xvii. 11.
BE1 of good courage, for all is well,
God dwelleth in you, and this is the
chief eternal truth.
I know you are progressing because already
you can command right thoughts and dismiss
inharmonious ones. Results will follow, and
now you will learn discrimination. It is not
given to all to be able to judge others, but content
yourself, when tempted to judge, with praying
for them, and as you evolve, your prayers
will be fraught with healing, because you are
learning to pray aright. Be of good courage.
Evil is friendly and has a beneficent purpose.
Man becomes God-like because he rises through
and out of evil, just as the plants emerge from
the soil. Every good is closely imitated in the
false dream world, and one of the imitations is
1 Ps. xxvii. 14
called selfishness. This is a divine instinct, and
you cannot and should not uproot it, but learn
always that these delusions of sense have behind
them a truth of God. Let us discover the true
and holy selfishness.
Man’s first instinct is self-interest, self -protection.
Even in spiritual things you are constantly
seeking to acquire for yourself. You require
healing of the body, a rich mind, a true
life. This is a God-given instinct, and you are
to get, but learn that to get is to give. The true
law of giving is to benefit all, and thus you bring
good to your Self; which, remember, is the great
and only Self.
Let us begin by a simple explanation. I use
the language of earth that you may understand,
for you know already that material things have
no real existence, that your thought of them is
their only reality. Do you desire health of body?
Let us teach you how to obtain it, the true way.
You begin at once to send out healing currents
to some one in a lower condition than yourself,
and immediately you have made a pathway by
which your own shall come to you. Your first
thought, I see, is, how can I heal when sick myself?
The first time you try it, you will understand
that the very effort of faith required is
the beginning of your own healing, and the larger
love going out to others doubles your own joy
in the long run.
True2 getting is always by way of sacrifice.
This is a simple thing to know, but it is the key
to all true healing, of mind, body, or estate ; for
all you have truly given you will receive double,
but you do not render to the Lord that which
costs3 you nothing. In the sight of God, no gift
has been blessed to your own soul unless you
have willingly given from your heart and blessed
the gift by your love. You may have wealth untold,
though unmanifest to mortal eye. A good
practice each day is to bless and heal every one
in the house. Begin at once, knowing only the
great Self, remembering the need of all in the
house. Your own Lord will reveal each need;
be resolute, be positive, and, above all, full of
hope and love. If the unseen become visible at
such times, include them, only send out, give,
2 Acts xx. 35. 3 2 Sam. xxiv. 24,
give, give. I tell you that this is your real getting,
your real healing.
The spirit reveals to you more and more. Do
you not see that I am helping you to one of the
richest positions; that you may become a centre
of healing; spirit, the pure flame, burning up the
dross; the soul, the link, holding all the physical
powers; and the body, showing the beauty of
the Lord, the true beauty of Holiness.
Again I ask that you put these lessons into
4 Ps. xc. 17. 5 1 Chron. xvi. 29.
YOU are spirit, soul, and body. The
spirit, the innermost, is clothed upon
by the soul. The body is the vehicle
for manifestation. Your wholeness depends
upon the one consciousness, and the active cooperation
of soul and body. Knowing only God
brings into operation hidden laws, at present
unknown to you. You develop spiritual powers
which have hitherto lain dormant, and your whole
being begins to live. Hearing, seeing, touch,
and the power to communicate belong to the
soul ; they are transmitted to a denser body for
a divine purpose. The soul has great responsibilities,
and everything depends upon her obedience
to the Lord and Master, and to her transfer
of spiritual desire to the outer body. More than
this, by true living you send forth spiritual vi-
brations, currents of blessing and healing, and
all are helped by your radiant and pure environment.
Every spiritual desire, expressed through the
outer body, goes on and obeys a higher law ; it is
never lost. Never mind if you do not see results.
I tell you the result of every noble thought expressed
has far-reaching effects, and you will
know one day that the faintest longing desire has
been satisfied.
When you meditate or pray, it is the soul and
not the body that opens to the spirit; mindwandering
or lack of earnestness means that the
brain is not co-operating with the soul. See to
it that you are definite; and think, speak, act
from the innermost of yourself. Your soul is
your real identity. It is You.
The soul thinks, breathes, acts from the spirit,
and should make perfect the outer body.
Wherever this is not so, the soul has failed in its
obedience to spirit. If this disobedience takes
place, you will find that the passing out of the
flesh does not mean that the soul will then function
freely; for disuse of the spiritual medium
means coma, arrested growth, sleep. Awake1
thou that sleepest, Christ dwells within.
When you have ceased to need the body you
will give back the atoms, purified and transmuted
by the divine life. Do not repress life,
but express it. There is nothing either in or out
of the flesh that can hinder the disciple who is
at one with the will of God.
1 Eph. v. 14.
THE soul has entered your present body
that it may express God’s meaning
through this medium, also because the
soul has need of certain experiences. The body,
too, must be rightly valued, seeing that it exists
for a divine purpose ; but it is only of value when
it takes its true place in the divine order. The
soul is the sheath1 of the spirit, the clothing of
man, who is for the time veiled in flesh.
Man becomes God-like only through experience
and discipline. This can be understood in your
present period of life by the comparison between
an innocent, happy child and a happy, ripe old
age; the one is ignorantly happy and the other
has matured and unfolded through knowledge
and suffering. Both are happy, but the difference
is very great. Your present earth experi-
1 Dan. vii. 15, margin.
ence is the most beneficial state for your present
healthy development
The mind functions from the soul. Before
man awakes to self-knowledge the sense mind
has ruled. All the cells in your body have their
centre, their mind ; the grey matter of the brain
is not the only centre for the sensation of mind.
When ruled by the Christ mind they are flooded
by the great intelligence in every part, each doing
its work perfectly. But the soul of man awakes
in a body that has formed a kingdom of its own,
and a warfare begins. This is the very period
of your life at which I would help you : we call
it the transitional, and it is a time when you need
all your faith and hope, for the body is so frequently
unable to respond to the new king, and
seems for a while to fail. Have faith: believe
me, it is true that once you have passed this
stage, you gain what you will never lose; you
also rise into a higher cycle, and have opportunities
for greater work.
It is at this very point that, from being the
healthy, uncivilized man, you become the spiritually
healthy God-Man. You fail perhaps to beUNFOLDMENT
come your ideal at once, but you will surely win.
Obey the highest within you, and never let the
sense mind rule you. For this reason I say that
you cannot believe in what you see ; you are conscious
that you are about to manifest all things
anew. This is a slow process, since false thinking
has brought about false conditions. As an
illustration, melancholy or depression causes
acidity in the blood, and can only be cast out by
its opposite — joy or hope. Remedies from
without can do good for a time only. The inner
man2 should be daily renewed by spirit, the one
reality. It is not meet that the last should be
first. Spirit rules. Love and harmony should
prevail, not warfare and strife. Teach the body
that its highest good is obedience to its Lord.
Now you know enough to be able to say — Christ
reigns in me.
Rise in harmony — spirit, soul, and body
reaching the eternal consciousness, which is unchanging,
holy. You have learned that this is
not the case with the lower self ; the sense mind
being changeful, evanescent, susceptible to other
2 2 Cor. iv. 16.
influences, other minds. Now you are wholeness,
true health and unchanging thought. This
is the path to unity with the two worlds; Christ
in you, bringing life and3 immortality to light.
You will receive the inner illumination. You
are learning what a glorious thing your unfoldment
is, warmed into growth by the interior sun.
The soul has a real work to do in your body
through the mind of Christ. Rejoice that you
have burst the outer covering of the seed, that
by an immutable law you must rise.
Sit in silence, and slowly repeat the Lord’s
Prayer. Its spiritual meaning will arise in you.
For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the
glory. Amen. Amen. Amen.
3 2 Tim. i. 10.
I SHOULD like to continue our discussion on
the soul, for I rejoice to know that you
realize the spiritual world to be here. You
will live in it more and more, learning that spirit
is true substance, and that you function truly
from your luminous body, holding within yourself
all you need.
Wherever you see beauty, truth, or goodness,
it is God finding expression, and you will see
them where you least expect when dwelling on
the spiritual plane, and much that seems to the
natural eye good, beautiful, and true you will
prove to be false imitations of the real. Music,
art, poetry are expressions of God. All genius
is God revealing Himself; by the very revelation,
the soul refines the outer body, which should be
as clay in the hands of the potter.1
All states of existence, now, and in the future,
1 Jer. xviii. 6.
are determined by the inner life and its expression.
It is not enough to know that you possess
the indwelling power to become the eternal
Christ. Your real work, like that of Jesus, is
to express2 God. Your environment is the outcome
of your mind and thought. Heaven and
hell are states of existence you make for yourself
here and now. Your fall away from truth
is caused by the soul’s separation from God’s
thought, and by following the false self-consciousness.
Listen to your own Lord and Christ, who
brings deliverance3 to the captive and sight to
the blind, who redeemeth thy life from destruction.
The seven creative days are experiences within
yourself. God speaks the word of power when
He says, “Let there be light,5 and the light
shineth from within.’ The dividing of the6
waters is the separation of the divine and
the human, the firmament, symbolizing the
Heavenly-Divine, and the seas the Earthly-Hu-
2 John xiv. 9. 5 Gen. 1. 8.
3 Luke iv. la 6 Gen, 1. 6, 7.
4 Ps. ciii. 4.
man. The separation of sea and land means the
first state of receptivity, to express clearly that
land (mind) is free and awaiting God’s manifestation.
And God said, Let the earth7 (mind)
bring forth, and God says within you, to your
soul : bring forth, manifest, express My thought
Then you read : God gave the two lights, the8
greater and the lesser. These symbolize the
lights of the two understandings — human and
divine. The seas are9 fruitful on the fifth day,
thus proving the creativeness of mind and the
birth of ideas. Then we read of larger growth,
larger idea, till we come finally to ourselves —
man in the image of God,10 God’s idea. You
have not entered into the seventh period yet. 11
It is one of great delight and triumph. Read
this for yourselves with the spiritual understanding.
Each soul makes its own Heaven, and there is
a sense in which each created being augments
Heaven by its own created environment. By
7 Gen. i. 11. 10 Gen. i. 26.
8 Gen. i. 16. 11 Gen. ii. 2,
9 Gen. i. 20.
your rebirth into the spiritual kingdom, Heaven
itself becomes greater. In this sense you can
understand better what I mean when I tell you
that all are benefited by one, because you are a
part of all. I use the language of earth, but you
have spiritual discernment.12 We can never
find true language to express Heaven and God,
since the first is a state of consciousness, and the
second infinity.
I have given you these three lessons on the one
subject, as it is good for you to live according to
divine and spiritual law. With all thy getting,
get13 wisdom. When the soul sees and knows,
life appears orderly, and the body of flesh sensibly
obedient. Be14 patient ; much more shall
be revealed. The kingdom of heaven is open to
all believers.
Love, Peace, Joy.
12 1 Cor. ii. 14. 14 Jas. v. 7, 8.
13 Prov. iv. 7.
I WANT to unfold to your understanding
something of the meaning of God immanent
and God transcendent. God and man
are not separated, and never have been. After
our lesson on the mind and soul you are quite
aware of the oneness and unity of life. You are
in every living thing. You are round about
everything that is. You cannot separate yourself
from anything that lives, moves, and has its
being. You are in the rock, the crystal in every
bud and twig, in all places at all times. You
have always been. The sense of separateness is
false understanding, and brings only confusion
of mind.
Is not this feeling of unity more than a relation
to God? Is it not the One speaking and
breathing through all forms — all Creation —
the creator and the created? How sayest thou:
1 John xvii. 21.
” Show us the Father? ” ” He that hath seen Me,
hath seen the Father.”2 Oh, priceless truth,
now our privilege and joy to enter into ! ” I
and3 the Father are one.”
How are we going to live, so that this knowledge
may be used for all? You dwell in the uttermost
parts of the earth, you have your responsibility
there, here, and everywhere. You are not
without a witness, and you know nothing but
the one good, one will, not a union of spirit with
parent spirit, but an at-one-ment. Knowing
only one Lord — one God — one Christ — this is
not a mystery to you any longer. The race is unfolding,
and you are unfolding; and just as you
yield to truth and love, so all are helped. I cannot
put this too strongly, for in it is the answer
to all the seeming mystery of pain and the sorrows
of life. Surely4 He hath borne our griefs
and carried our sorrows, and is doing this even
Will you reverently consider why you seem to
be a limited part? Is it not because you have
2 John xiv. 9. 4 Isa. liii. 4.
3 John x. 30.
looked upon God as apart from yourself, thought
of the indwelling Christ as Jesus of Nazareth?
Do you not see for yourself how childlike has
been your understanding? Your dependence
upon some one, something, proved your childlike
consciousness ; and even as a child learns to say :
I am myself, so will the whole human race say,
as we now say together: I in you and you in
Me. I am Myself. This understanding is putting
Christ on the throne, lifting Him to where
He deals with error and sin as a thing outside
Himself. The truth dawns, and the inner Christ
reveals to man his birthright, his true power,
and henceforth he becomes one with, for and
through all. Think for a moment how you dishonour
Jesus as teacher if you hold Him responsible
for the forgiveness of your ignorance.
Hath He not said : All that5 the Father hath is
yours, is mine? He hath also given you the key,
the power of appropriation by faith.
5 Luke xv. 31 ; John xvi. 15 ; 1 Cor. iii. 21 ; Matt.
xxviii. 18 ; Luke x. 19.
KEEP in mind the previous chapter, and
you will be led back to it and find that
all your life is going to teach you that
the God-Man Christ is all in all. This truth has
to be made one with the outermost limits of creation,
just as a leaf learns by drawing from its
source its oneness — more than unity — with the
tree. There is a condition of consciousness in
everything that lives. The real you knows everything
about itself, but the leaf or seeming unit
can only learn slowly, by its life of dependence
and unfoldment, its own place and meaning.
Every atom contains the whole. The whole of
God is in the blade of grass. Try to banish the
thought of distance or space, and know that what
you see contains within it its true life; the
thought is within every expression.
Your first and lowest consciousness of life was
movement. Your highest is love. The seed
“ THOU IN ME ” 155
thought is always hidden within every phase of
life through which you merge; it moves, quickens,
and brings forth seed (thought). This is
true of all creation. Your first movement was
in secret,1 yea, in the lowest parts of the earth.
This is symbolized in every physical birth; the
whole of creation is manifest to the seer. The
truths of life are simple and open. I do not
wish to cause you vain speculation, but we desire
to be of real practical use to you at the stage of
unfoldment where you now are. However low
in the scale of evolution — that is, spiritual evolution
— a soul is, it can be perfect of its kind,
and should be free from sin, sickness, and death.
This is our glorious message for you. We would
have you know yourselves. Get back to the
Why are people suffering and sinful? Because
they willingly choose to dwell in a divided
consciousness of good and evil. Whoever for
even a second has seen that there is2 no evil, has
passed from death to life. He has entered the
Heaven of Heavens, he has seen God. The Fall
1 Ps, cxxxix. 15. 2 isa. xxxiii. 15.
is a thing of the present. It is a false understanding.
Why have we tolerated this consciousness, seeing
that God cannot fail? The real you has
never tolerated it. There is only one consciousness
really; it is deep within yourself all the
time ; it always has been, and now is around you ;
and because of it and its livingness you are shaking
off the shadow of ignorance — a condition of
growth — and rising into pure being. In the
great process you will know that sin and ignorance
are less than the morning mists now being
dispelled by the inner sun, the fire of the
love-life. To become aware, while in the shadow,
of the reality of this one true life is the solution
of everything, for with this true understanding
you must know that all is well for ever. That
you are one with this movement means that you
are emerging into fulness and freedom. See
how it is lifting the whole race! We see its
potent healing power everywhere ; we rejoice with
you. You are entering into the kingdom of life
and light. Death and sin are conquered now
and for ever.
“THOU IN ME ” 157
In our next lesson we will discuss the way of
ascent from your present condition.
Peace and joy and the sweet fellowship of the
heavenly host be yours, as you consider these
Nothing is impossible to him that believeth.
THE question may be asked : Why are so
many people still in bondage even with
this knowledge? We are in earnest,
and are willing to be and do what we can. It is
good for you to give your heart to the understanding
of wisdom. Knowledge is not understanding.
To know God we must be God-like.
Because we long for perfection, we are already
at its beginnings. Do not regard any of these
things as distant or outside yourselves: that is
the spirit of separateness. Let us meet the seeming
difficulties together, the weights and hindrances
of your everyday life, for the truth will 1
set you free.
Many of you seem to be in bondage to the
climate, to lack of heat or to unevenness of temperature.
Your bodies are subject to many influences.
I too suffered in this way, and I would
1 John viii. 32.
gladly help you with my experience. How could
I understand that what I needed was within?
I thought it necessary to be warmly clad, to
avoid chill, and to take food to sustain life. Ah !
if I could only show you for a minute a spiritual
being who has passed this stage, you would know
beyond all doubt that Christ is the2 bread of
life, the true daily bread, nourishing both soul
and body, able to supply your every need.
As you awake in the morning you look outside
and see cold; now you both see and feel cold.
You must see before you feel a truth or a falsehood
; this is a law. We shall straightway begin
to reverse the order. You will look within and
see only God, you will feel and understand God.
Your feeblest effort in this direction must have
its reward.
Read this truth into every detail of the day,
and live in the assurance that God cannot fail.
See reality, God, behind every shadow. As you
go into the outer, cast out fear. Be not anxious,
and the very elements will be at one with you.
This is the rule of the spiritual. Your whole
2 John vi. 35.
supply for every need is within yourself. The
day is at hand when man, on the earth, will be a
true spiritual being. Even now you have expressed
yourself in the present phase, and the
God-Man is seeking a higher form of manifestation
; but all must co-operate, and you are learning
the laws of the spiritual kingdom for this
end, that sorrow and sighing3 may flee away,
that the sons and daughters of God may hunger
no4 more. Your responsibility is great, but
your work is for eternity. Do not lose heart.
Be of good courage. The work may seem slow,
but God is in it. The result in yourself will be
first a sense of command, and later you will smile
at your old fears and limitations, for you will be
at home and at rest in any climate or circumstance.
Do you not see for yourself how your thought
has been concerned with your dependence upon
material warmth, food, and sustenance? Later
you will put these in their true place, und life
will open out its treasure.5 At present your
3 Isa. xxxv. 10. 5 Deut. xxviii. 12.
4 Rev. vii. 16.
whole time and thought are given to caring for
the daily outer life. Think what the spiritual
being with its higher faculties could enter into
if you gave half as much time and thought to
the true life !
Live simply. Take no anxious thought for the
things of today. Let the dead bury their dead.
Follow Me. I am within.
6 Matt. viii. 22.
THE day of the Lord is at hand, is here.
Truly the Lord Christ has come in great
glory. The signs are in earth and sky.
Lift up your heads. The King of1 glory has
come in. This is the wonder, the silence of this
new birth.
What does it mean for you? The consciousness
of Christ is dawning in every lowly heart.
The supreme man Christ is on the throne, and
darkness is2 under His feet. God tells this
blessed secret to the dwellers in the innermost,
that they may carry the tidings to the very outermost.
The Lord our God is One Lord, even
Christ. There is something for you to do in this
work, but all good, all knowledge is within oneself.
The real need for help is great. We see
1 Ps. xxiv. 2 Ps. xviii. 9.
souls imprisoned in limitations, thirsting for living
waters. My people would die for lack3 of
understanding. Man is divine, and God is ever
in the midst.
Your true consciousness is the knowledge that
One and One only fills all4 space. When you
silently think of this you will know that in this
understanding, in this continual realization, true
freedom lies. You will cast off everything alien
to this; nay, you will transmute the very sins
and ignorances into the pure gold and wealth of
life. These must be the healing of the self by
the Self, the forgiveness, the whole redemption
from your Christ, your indwelling Lord. You
are in all and through all, in every place, since
hidden within yourself is the centre of all worlds.
As you write these words we are near you, and
many would like to come back and tell you the
glorious news, to open your eyes that you may
see in very truth — ” There am5 I in the midst.”
So far you have understood clearly the one Self
of all, when you have looked within, but now we
3 Hos. iv. 6. 5 Matt. xviii. 20.
4 Jer. xxiii. 24.
will try to look out upon seemingly separate personalities
and still see the One only. To recognize
the one Lord in all is to lift them into the
consciousness of the Christ, and this is just what
the spiritually taught are doing. You must each
do your part where you are.
Help souls to cast out fear. Fear is one of
your foes. In one way or another you allow this
false condition to cloud your vision and drag
down your spirits. Get rid of6 fear for yourself
and for others. There is absolutely nothing
to fear. The indwelling Christ is Lord supreme.
Remind yourself constantly of your true nature.
Declare that the light dispels darkness,
and see this law in action. I no longer,7 but
Christ the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. See
what this little enemy fear has done, a very fox,
spoiling8 the vine. In your immediate environment,
the body, fear affects its circulation, digestion,
and gastric juices. I only use these words
so that we may swiftly ascend to a higher plane.
Fear not. There is none other 9 God but ME.
6 1 John iv. 18. 8 Song ii. 15.
7 GaL ii. 20. 9 Isa. xlv.
Once rid the race of fear ; and love, joy, peace,
would spring up. Now this must positively be
done in each one of you. In fact, the universe
has been conquered when you have won. Your
own Christ has conquered sin and death.
Face life and circumstances with the certainty
of the I AM with you and in you. Only thus
will you honour God. Try from this moment to
forget the small you, false and shadowy, and cast
it off for ever. Here I would say that only love
is Lord. You can fill the whole mentality with
love thoughts, so making a rich soil for the
growth of good. You have nothing to fear.
You are in God and God is in you.
Cleanse10 your hearts, and not your garments.
From within must the true forgiveness arise, and
not from without. Be clean every whit, whole
and perfect. Be positive; know that you must
make your circumstances, and not wait for events
and then act. You are blind and miserable till
your inner eyes, ” the eyes of11 the understanding,
are opened. ” It is high time to awake
10 Joel ii. 13.
11 Eph. i. 18 ; Job xxxii. 8 ; Prov. xx. 27.
out of 12 sleep.” Use these God-given powers for
the good of every one. There is nothing outside
God. God and man are one. Confidence and
trust are13 the antidotes for anxiety and fear.
12 Rom. xiii. 11.
13 Isa. xxxii. 17, xxx. 15.
WHAT a long time it takes us to understand
the will of God!
You often use the phrase, “I have
made up my mind.” This has a great deal of
meaning, if you pause to consider it, for in that
very process you begin to bring into manifestation
the desire of the mind. Thus you say : “I
see a wrong condition in my mind, my mentality,
my circumstances ; I will make up my mind, this
shall not be.” You mentally set in motion the
forces of the universe, seen and unseen, to accomplish
your will.
You see, it is impossible to live carelessly or
lightly on the spiritual plane, and these lessons
would be of no use to any one who has not been
aroused to true spiritual consciousness, the consciousness
of the divine humanity, the I AM.
How can the will of God be expressed except
through life, through humanity, in the hearts and
minds of beings who exist in Himself? Therefore
know that the will of God is operative in
Then how is it that the things we will and desire
do not come to us, you may ask.
Because deep down in all your desires,
thoughts, and purposes there is an undercurrent,
as it were, the thought within the thought, the
desire within the desire, and what you most truly
desire is always at the root of all your fleeting
impressions and moods of the moment. Have
you not often felt that the very thing you desire
is not for your eternal good? Well, that very
glimmer, that faint suggestion, is from the self of
you that is making your life. You know within
yourself the very quality, the very experiences
best suited for your highest good. Once you
give full play to this subtle suggestion behind 1
all your thinking, you are one with the will of
God, which is your own will. This is the voice
of the spirit, heed its whisperings. Do not sin
against the Holy Ghost, or you will lose eye and
ear and become blind and deaf. On the plane
1 Isa. xxx. 21.
of the senses this is most disastrous, because you
are just where you are to do the will of God. It
is your meat and 2 drink. So delicate and so
subtle is this holy inner voice that you must be
very quiet and meek, if you would hear 3 it. Let
Jesus speak to you again and again, read the
Gospels until you are led more and more to remove
the veil which hides you from your true
self. I have only answered your question, but
hope to speak to you again on this subject.
Peace, Heavenly Grace. God lives in you, He
is your life.
2 John iv. 34. 3 Ps. xxv. 9.
THERE really is no such thing as space.
For you, as for us, the spiritual law of
attraction operates, but your consciousness
of limitation, of distance, makes you blind
and deaf to a great extent. At a later period of
your unfoldment, to desire is to possess. Thus,
if we wish to see you, our thought is a vital force,
we are in your actual presence immediately, we
are so close to you. Thought is so potent, so
swift ; every thought of ours becomes an outward
expression ; although you may not see it, you cannot
think without a result. Be very careful that
you think from the spiritual plane. The phenomena
of time and sense are like children’s toys
to us. They will be discarded as you dwell in
the higher consciousness. What divides us now
is simply and only that you are not dwelling in,
not breathing, seeing, hearing from the spiritual
plane. Every effort to rise helps another; but
see to it that you are watchful, vigilant, purposeful,
and loving.
You partake of the inflow and outflow of the
breath of God. This is best described as waves,
impelled by an irresistible law, and your whole
planet is continually being swept over by this
mighty healing breath. I am explaining this for
purposes of healing, and hope to explain later
that there are periods of outflow and recall.
We wish you to breathe forth your healing currents
in unison with the almighty good. Your
co-operation is necessary for individual needs.
Noon and sunrise are good times for raising
conditions of false consciousness into the great
One, especially the conditions known to you as
feverish and nervous, or the consciousness of
weakness. Other cases I hope to explain as
I see you coming into contact; but previous to
the expression of your desire for the healing of
the body and a change of circumstances, breathe
out a strong positive assurance of man’s unity
with God, Your highest good is to banish the
idea of separation from God.
Bands of us are striving to influence men and
women to free your land of asylums, reformatories,
prisons, and similar places. Their inmates
could be helped and healed so much more
easily if they could be brought in contact with
those who have learned the great truths we come
to teach. We do not give these lessons for any
other reason than to help your world, which we
love. We hope to be of practical use in freeing
your world from suffering, which is caused by
ignorance. By this we do not mean that you
escape discipline, but how can you begin to learn
your real purpose for being if you are in bondage
to false conditions? God did not purpose
that your life should be spent in overcoming
false conditions. He has a magnificent purpose,
a part for you to take in His work.
God bless you and keep you alive unto Himself
and dead to sin. Amen.
IT is the silent, creative great One, dwelling
in the abyss of each, in whom we live and
have our being. I am being taken within
the centre of life. Again I am in the centre of
power, but this time I remember that I have always
been. The process of creation is always
present, it is not a past series of events. There
is no sense of past or future, but of a continuous
present. I have already described the great,
silent energy and the lack of colour and sound
when in the centre, but this time the desire of
life is upon me, the sense of lack. I desire
beauty and colour. I am the positive one, and
the virility and strength of the atmosphere
around me lacks its opposite.
With the desire I will, and soon the will, which
is the producer, directs my forces. There is a
new power about me. I am surrounded by a
great arc of light, and I become conscious of a
heart within myself. I love, I will! The arc,
which was of a varying shade of gold, slowly becomes
roseate and glowing; the electrons of light
are no longer colourless, but softened and shaded
by pink. Love expresses the beautiful in colour.
I am answered in myself. I am both positive
and negative, male and female; and out of this
consciousness, beauty of form and shade seem
born ; yet as I write this I know that perf ection
has always been, though I bring it into evidence
by my will and desire. Colours surround me,
and millions of shades seem to evolve from three
— red, blue, and yellow. They harmonize and
blend, and the place seems full of sound and
form. I have desired, I have willed. The colours
emit the sound, and soon I see the forms of
flowers. These colours cannot be seen on the
physical plane, though they are full of light and
breath. As you see, this is extremely difficult
to describe, as also for you to imagine, but the
colours breathe and live, and are inter-related to
sound and form. There seems no division between
the moving shades and the appearance of
elegant and delightful shapes. Truly I am in a
place of beauty, which is born out of the two in
one. There is a sense of completeness, a harmony
of many parts. The great energy is softened
by beauty, and love is the breath of this life.
The teacher speaks. You could not bear this
for long, and the meaning will unfold to you.
One single drop of dew contains what you have
seen with the eye of the soul. The Creator is in
the atom. Yes, truly, the whole of God is in the
blade of grass. By this know that space is a
meaningless word on the true plane of being.
Everything is in the universal soul ; the Christ
mind alone comprehends. The one Self is creative,
having both natures.
In heaven there is neither marrying nor giving
in marriage. This is the highest consciousness
of Christ.
I WANT to tell you how real, how true it is,
that nothing exists outside God, and I can
best help you by the description of an experience
of my own. Life both here and there
is a constant unfoldment, always fresh, a continual
I have already told you of my entrance into
the spiritual world, and now may I speak of one
of my steps into a greater fulness of God, into
life more abundant? I had learnt many things,
the spiritual faculties were quickened, and I was
always learning that our especial need is to have
greater capacities for God, to do as Paul says
continually — ” Yield 1 yourselves unto God.”
It was most wonderful to discover that my
thought instantly produced an outer environment;
in fact, my thought came into being at
once. For instance, I desire quiet for medita-
1 Rom. vi. 13.
tion — I am instantly in a grove and all is stillness,
inviting repose. I think music — and at
once I hear sublimest strains, ravishing and
melodious. I am satisfied — the music gently
ceases. Truly, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
all that awaits us when we are in God. I desire
to help, and I am sent to people who are climbing
up ; and oh ! the joy of helping them to their own.
This is my longing desire for you. Be ye holy2
(healthy), for I am holy (healthy), says God.
Happiness and health and all good is God.
There is no secret initiation, no mystery in God.
You only need the heart of the child to3 enter
the kingdom. It is true in a beautiful sense
that there is nothing hidden which shall not be
revealed. All things are open and are yours.
You are not always able to understand because
you are not sufficiently evolved; but never forget
that all is yours, for ye are God’s.
Even this exquisite joy around me, even the
knowledge that my thought made me, did not
seem enough, and I longed intensely4 for God
2 Lev. xix. 2. 4 Ps. xlii. 1.
3 Mark x. 15.
above all else, until I realized that nothing but
the Infinite could satisfy me. This thought, this
desire, was not answered in the usual way, but
one of the shining ones who go in and out among
us stood beside me and said, ” Are you ready for
the cleansing waters? Your prayer is heard.”
At the same time the spirit within repeated the
familiar words : ” Ye shall5 surely find Me.”
” Yes, yes,” I said, ” all for God,” and I fell on
my knees in an attitude of prayer. Then began
the cleansing by the waters from the River of
God. From within there arose a cleansing
stream, that made me aware of its workings in
my heart. My limitations must go. I, who
thought I possessed relatives, friends, home,
must learn that God must enlarge my heart with
greater loves, more friendships.
There are no limitations where God is, no
claiming of personalities. God is all. The
waters were bitter, but you must do this for the
great gain. Your ideas and thoughts are not
God’s thoughts, nor are your ways God’s ways.6
Ah, it is true, and it will be your eternal good to
5 Jer. Xxix. 13. 6 Isa. lv. 8.
know this now. Everything that seemed peculiarly
my own was simply swept away until I was
as nothing, and longing only for God. The
Angel spake again with great love and tenderness
— ” Thou shalt know thyself by this test :
art thou content to be nothing, and know nothing?
“ With great faltering I answered ” Yes.”
The reply came, ” Know God, and thou shalt
Be.” I think there was a long time of quiet. I
seemed to become conscious of fresh surroundings.
I seemed in the centre of the worlds, in a
place of strength; I was conscious of the heart
of love, far above my understanding — the rest
and comfort of a great strength, and yet I suppose
the best description for you is that I seemed
in the atmosphere of God — knowing nothing
but God — wanting nothing but good; and
yet aware that it would take me aeons
to understand, to know and grow in this
heavenly consciousness. Soon I saw our earth,
I saw the blindness of men; though dwelling in
this wondrous love they were content to live in
shadow, in pain. “Lord, I must go to them, I
must tell them,” I thought. The voice of the
Spirit spoke within — ” I7 am God, and beside
me there is none else.” “Amen, Amen, Amen,”
I answered.
To dwell consciously in God is to inbreathe
and outbreathe harmony and love. I am without
limits, I revel in freedom, I cannot think
sin, sickness, or death except to remove them;
they have become to me less than vapour. God
is all in all, and no one can be outside God.
Even your very stones and rocks are interpenetrated
by the God-life. ” Awake, thou that
sleepest, arise from the dead ” ; ‘ Christ is8 the
light of the world.” Oh for a thousand voices
to proclaim the truth that nothing is but God!
Rise out of your false, shadowy consciousness
and mount into the consciousness of love.
” Truly He maketh my9 feet like hinds’ feet.” I
know that in me the Christ has ascended to His
Father; henceforth “the Father and I are one.”
In me the Trinity of the Three are one, and yet
Spirit is substance, nothing can be real except
7 Isa. xlv. 18. 9 Hab. iii. 19.
8 John viii. 12.
God ; but joy of joys, as I met relatives, friends,
and dear ones, I knew, how more than ever they
were mine beyond thought of loss or separation !
All I had lost was the fear of losing, God’s
thought is the only reality; the world is God’s
thought. You are yet to learn that all realities
are in God’s thought. You are to express them.
Rise, dear heart, and take your place with us,
that you may know God only, just where you are.
Love never10 faileth. Begin now. This is the
true way to bring in light and love, conquering
death by the sacrifice of the body of sense, to
rise in newness11 of life.
I will come again. I have told you of this experience
only to help. I would not have done so
unless you were able to apprehend it. It will be
meaningless to the seekers of wonders and signs.
You must let self utterly melt away in order
that Christ may come to His own.
10 1 Cor. xiii. 8. 11 Rom. vi. 4.
AS you unfold in the consciousness of God,
many inexplicable things become clear.
One is the purifying process of pain.
It is safer and grander to suffer, because, rightly
viewed, it is sure to perfect the soul. Have you
not sometimes felt the shallowness and the emptiness
of joy? I tell you it is impossible to know
true joy — the heights of joy — until you have
known corresponding depths of pain. This is
the process called ” the refiner’s fire.”1 It is
cleansing; it is good, and not evil. True joy —
the joy of Heaven — should saturate the whole
being, and touch the inner consciousness with a
sense of its eternity, its everlastingness; and the
suffering2 has prepared a place that joy may
enter in. Learn the wisdom in these words —
” As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.”
1 Mal. iii. 2. 2 Isa. ix. 2, 3. 3 2 Cor. vi. 10.
Now I would show you the difference between
necessary suffering and useless pain, which is
disorder; likewise between true joy and transient
false joy. Divine humanity can attain the
throne of the universe only by the way of the
Cross. This is the way of sacrifice. Do not too
hurriedly dismiss the pearl in the old orthodox
teaching, it served its day and generation most
efficiently. When man thought of himself as a
separate and outside unit, only this teaching
could help his unfoldment, so thank God for the
ladder of dead creeds — dead selves. But now
the divine Man is arising; He has burst the old 4
bottles ; the new wine of life cries out for space
and freedom, as the sap does in the tree. Beware,
for here is your danger; the suffering begins,
which shall make the path by cleansing
and burning up all that hinders the uprising of
the divine in earth, air, and sea. The Son of
God is come, and your very experiences of pain
and suffering are the heralds of His approach.
There is much more to be revealed to you, but
we leave these messages with you to help you to
4 Matt ix. 17.
live and express the highest within you, knowing
that Christ will perfect that which concerneth
Him, and ye are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s.

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