Take your position in intersession


By ONE Spirit we – who know Jesus Christ is WITHIN us – are baptized into ONE body and, all, of one Spirit, have been caused to drink, 1 Cor. 12:13.

GOD and we, those who know Jesus Christ is WITHIN us, are one SPIRIT, 1 Cor. 6:17. All those, through Christ within them, establish a heavenly, a Divine Fortress, a Fortress of Divine Light or Truth – the Son in us – and of Divine Love – the Father in us and can never be separated. All of those are building stones of that Divine Fortress.

If YOU are one of those, then become 24/7 aware of your Position.  The Spirit of Christ will make you aware of it: you will share His Spirit’s Consciousness of It, which is surpassing any other consciousness. To achieve that Position we’ll have to conquer our own carnal nature and become One Divine Nature with Christ. Like He did and became ONE with the Father.

In Unity with Christ within you take Position in this Consciousness against all evil and falsehood which flourish in the world. Then, be aware that you are not alone in that Position. You are with numerous ones in the Heavens within you and around you who are in the same Position – Christ in ALL– and on this planet who “did not bow their knee to Baal”. And “those who are with us are more than they that are with them”.

The battle can only be won by ONE Spirit in us – who know Jesus Christ WITHIN – the very Spirit of Gods Kingdom, converting and setting all people free by that Spirit.

Be aware of the Invincible Power of Christ – ALL Power in Heaven and on Earth – where YOU have become a part of by the Grace of God.

Lift your hands in full consciousness of that Power – Christ in you Who expands into all Eternity as the only True Light there is – to ANNIHILATE ALL DARKNESS. That Light will enlighten you to see Reality and to know that Reality is that of all Eternity.

Let Christ in you be that Reality – be aware of It – and then know that He as a human being conquered the world of darkness, all its evil forces and temptations, by that very ONE Spirit of God within, which is in YOU. We are to do the same now, in our time, His time for us.

You will know that you can only do this by constantly to remain in Him and Him in you.

Then stand firm with lifted hands and think the Reality of Christ established where you want it, knowing He wants it, and let it land in this world, praising God. Think it thoroughly, deep inside in the SPIRIT where the Resurrection comes from, and then also speak it out. Again and again. This is the spiritual battle we’re to fight. Then rejoice that your name is recorded in Heaven where you are inwardly part of.

“Dear Lord Jesus, be exalted over all the Earth! In all humanity! O, Lord You created us for that purpose, that great purpose of salvation of all creation”

150525, Hans Smit

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